I think I might quit this game


It just seems like one big rock paper scissor bullshit… Ive been playing for a little less than a year and i’m still not good… Its not fun to me anymore… I also rage too much when I lose. Fighting games might give me heart problems by the time I’m 30… (lol)

I regret wasting all my time playing these stupid ass games… I shouldve picked another hobby like learning to draw or someshit…




If “It’s been a year and I’m still not good” is your attitude. Don’t even bother getting into drawing.


Calm down already. Just remember to try and have FUN whilst playing. If you’re not, then take a break. Also, if you could explain your issues with specific games, then we could all help you. Don’t give up, you have all the support you need RIGHT HERE. :slight_smile:


Well there’s your problem.


No one should be forcing you to have fun with a videogame.

If you don’t like it…drop it and move on.


This isn’t the right place to vent like this. If you have gameplay questions, post them up. Otherwise, /thread.