I think I need to quit games!

Yeah. So games are supposed to be this fun thing that takes away stress… yet I find myself constantly pissed for some reason or another when I play.

Yesterday, I’m playing Marvel online. I do a super than has alot of recoverym and I knew I was gonna DHC into my next guy. Someone in my house asked me about something they were holding, I look away to answer, since my super’s going, and forget to DHC. I get punished. My reaction; I broke a Dualshock 3.

I was playing my most hated SFIV nearly when it came out. Lost a match due to something I was unexpereinced with. I’m like thats some ole’ SFIV BULLSHIT!" killed my first Dualshock 3

Racing game; some games like Midnight Club have rubberband AI. This means if you are winning the PHYSICS can change, as well as the AI opponents driving increaes, or their slower car becomes faster than yours. Many different racing games = many thrown conrtrollers. Oh yeah, flicked a Midnight Club LA disc when the game was BRAND NEW never even found the disc!

Adventure games. Clutch death right before a save point? EXTREME RAGE!!! I DONT FEEL LIKE DOING THAT SHIT AGAIN!!! Thrown controller, expletives!!!

Trying to figure out a way to recreate my old character in Mass Effect 2 right now, using some face codes that appear to be non-existant, and I am ready to break controller number 2 in as many days.

Games seem to have the opposite effect. :mad::mad::mad::mad: FUCK!!!


You care too much and you’re emotionally unstable.

Go outside.

Find something less expensive to break. Like a pencil.

We just had a big ass snow storm. Other than going to work… outside does not compute for another few months.

Believe me, I’d rather be out in good weather with my Honda, at a meet with some skanks, gettiing ran off by cops. Beats ANYTHING game related.

Instead of throwing the controller just punch yourself in the face.

the only game worth getting upset over is madden, and even then unless you’re playing someone live it’s not that serious.



“…nah just upset”

Don’t go online for more than an hour per session, unless you’ve got some bomb ass food with you.

L2P newb

too bad we dont have a blog section, this would be perfect for it

Well it stems from not liking to lose. I get pissed when I lose if I’m using a character I main and have a lot of experience with. I have friends that get pissed when they lose, and that’s what makes it fun- it’s not that I want to piss them off, but I like knowing that they care enough about wanting to get better that they feel discomfort about their abilities not being up to par.

Granted, SF4 definitely makes me more salty than most games, but have you ever played against someone that flat-out doesn’t care at all if he wins or loses? It is NO FUN. Being angry is better than having no emotion at all imo

You’re not stable. I mean, you are obviously some one who can’t control your anger. You don’t deserve the rights that the rest of us have. Maybe you should sell those two cars you have, get some meds, and grow the fuck up.

His nickname makes this thread funny.

It’s not the games, it’s you.

Fix yourself, then you can do anything without going ape shit.

Oh shit! I just noticed that his user name is a warning to all Dual Shock 3 controllers of the world!


Get some of that Mrs.Dash, you got too much salt in yo diet

I found myself having the same problems as you, it’s mostly because my real life is fucked up.

I live in Windham, Maine (shitty place), I work at RadioShack (shitty job that is below me) and my wife is still in Japan. (no love, no sex) So, yeah, I broke a Sixaxis, but then when I found out how expensive that shit is to replace I just stopped playing games for a while.

There’s probably something more important you need to sort out. For me it was getting my exercise and education going again, now I can play UFC 2009 without wanting to throw something out the window.

Oh, I thought his name was an intimidating assertion of homosexual dominance. You know, like “Turn around or else.”

That’s like taking your heart medication which has side effects including frequent heart attacks.

Time for a new hobby.