I think I will buy SFxT for PC

I think I will buy SFxT for PC

But I will await for the final update to see release, before I buy it.

I am not accepting the treatment that was given to us PC-gamers with SFIV

This way, Capcom will get a message, and I will get the game at probably a bargain-price.

So perhaps Capcom will reconsider their market-strategy with their next they plan to release on my platform of choice (the PC).

Is anyone with me?

We have no room for the weak-willed.

Only the strong and steadfast may join on this brigade.

Just don’t buy it at all. Vroom.

no one cares bub

I would be with you, but I’m playing SFxT at EVO and those 2 months would spell certain doom in early pools.

I can understand that.

I’ll be waiting at the finish-line, though.