I think I'm at a halt, or progressing really slowly. I need some help

I’m bad, but I’m not awful I don’t think (ranked around 1050 and slowly moving up). I’m in no means bragging, just trying to give anyone a sense of where I am.

I’ve played 2220 matches so far, this was the game that showed me what fighters were all about. It’s been on and off since Jan of 09.

I don’t have a main character. I usually play random because most of the cast is fun to use (except T Hawk, and my dhalsim is iffy).

I play on 360 pad.

One thing I can never get the hang of is when to throw fireballs and when to look for anti air DP. I generally wait when they are in jumping range. But then sometimes they never ever do so the instant I throw a fireball, I get jumped in on.

Blanka has a weird jump thing that hits way further than it looks, and Vega’s is too fast for me to react too most of the time. Yet, when I play Blanka, it seems like good people can fireball me out of the air with anyone. I even try to change when I jump but that doesn’t make a difference.

Guile can hit from almost full screen so I don’t know how to zone him with any command fireball characters. I mean, if he does the same thing every time then I can, but I can’t react to his jump ins for some reason so I get hesitant to throw fireballs, but his sonic booms recover faster so he can do more

A lot of the time, I get hit before my DP comes out.

Another thing I can never get is jump in combos. I land a lot of jump ins but I almost always get reversaled or thrown out of the next attack.

I feel like there is something wrong with the way I’m approaching something.
How does Chun and Bison deal with constant air pressure (like multiple Gief body splashes, Sagat jumping short, Blanka jumping short, etc)

I have no idea how to fight Gief with most the cast. He gets a Lariat, and it’s done. Random amount of pokes into SPD and with charge characters you only get one chance.

I also sometimes have trouble with Honda. I don’t know how to get him out of torpedo for most characters.

I also have some other questions and problems, but I can’t remember them atm. I’ll post them as I remember them.

If anyone really good and experienced and someone who is willing to help and doesn’t mind sharing “secrets”/tips would like to help me and play a lot of rounds with me and tell me what I’m doing right and wrong, that’d be cool. Just post your GT or message it to me or something. I have no mic yet.

Well, some tips:

  1. Decide which character you want to use.
  2. Once #1 is done, get a feel for your character’s general game-plan. Also know all the special moves and normals.
  3. Apply match-up knowledge to your character.

How do you do this? Play in player matches using ONE character, watch various Youtube vids of how pros play that character, and read up the various character-specific threads here over on the forums :slight_smile: As much as I HATE HATE HATE him, I’m gonna recommend you main Ken. He has some RETARDED recovery properties on some of his moves, his j. SRK can be full of shit, and he has annoying setups that can roast any opponent within seconds. He’s also n00b friendly because you can spam j. SRK and probably maintain a ~40% win percentage online. I would leave a character like T-Hawk or Dhalsim for later, as grapplers are hard to play and playing a rushdown Dhalsim is harder for the average player.

Start watching ST Mikado tournament videos on YouTube.

I’ve watched top level vids before, and I’d rather not main Ken just because I can spam lp DP just to hope for wins. I’d like some player input after playing me.

I agree with Noriaga, Pick a main character. it helps alot, maybe a sub/counterpick for some more inexperienced / gimmicky players that are abusing your character’s weaknesses. That’s actually how I got current main, I kept choosing my sub for players who are worse than me, and I used this sub so much and became so proficient it became my main. (and I’m repeating this process with a low tier character now too)

You can actually learn a little bit about other characters for random casuals by watching how certain characters react to your actions.

Having a specific overall game plan will get you very far already in this game. Then there are matchup specifics, and gimmicks which will cause you frustration and you have to learn these slowly…

As for some of the specifics you mentioned (although they aren’t really that specific):

Against Guile: yes. he has the best recovery on his fireball in the game. However if you’re using a motion fireball character, you really should be beating him when you’re out of his poke range. Guile’s a charge character. Just stay far enough that he can’t poke you when you badly time a fb.

If you’re using a charge character, watch out for his walkup, and be ready to reversal (maybe even block a sonic boom to try and get him to do this)

try using normal moves to anti air if you can’t seem to react fast enough with specials. and watch for his charge. jump when he doesn’t have a downcharge (or try to get a feel for when he throws fireballs and jump in)

For jump in combos it varies by character, but try to space your self and time your jump in/ attack late so it hits later, before you land. if they’re knocked down you can rely on your jump timing, if they are not recovering you have to risk sticking out a normal late (because they can anti air easier) --almost before you land so there’s no time for them to recover so you can get your second hit in. (again, this is easier after a knockdown)

Chun sucks with anti air. period. took me years to figure out how to deal with jump ins with her. Just get familiar with her normals. Sf. mk, hk, mp, fp, and even lk sometimes. and neutral j. hk, lk, fp and mp, and jump back kicks. All work for different situations, it’s very trial and error.

I don’t play bison, but that’s one of his weaknesses too. I know I abuse that when i’m against bisons, (and they do against me too… since I main chun) but I think his nj lk has awesome priority and j.mp? fp? (I can’t tell which button that fist is) is deadly as well. It’s not a cure-all though, because simply, I know what beats it, and if they do it too much they get beat. (same with my chun).

Best thing is to just avoid situations where they can jump in easily. keep them at bay where your pokes are more effective/ they still can’t hit you after a jump)

With Gief: stay far. you get close to gief, you lose. Sweep his lariat. anti air him when he tries to jump. Punish his random green hands, don’t be to obvious with your fbs so he can green hand them. That’s basically the entire game plan against Gief, nothing else you really need to know. It’s all mindgames from good giefs really.

Most characters can use their anti air special against honda’s torpedo from midrange or further on reaction.

Hit me up.

<---------- my xbox gamertag [further up, below my avatar and location =p]
What’s yours? (you should fill it in your profile too so people can see =) )

I’m on XBL right now. Send an invite my way and we can do a set.

I’m actually pretty tired and it’s sorta late. How about tomorrow?

Won’t be on tomorrow till about whatever time it is now.

oh yeah. check out
Street Fighter Dojo ;
You won’t find many tournament videos on how to beat scrubby gimmicks with characters, but It certainly helped me build my arsenal of tools. (and good if you have trouble against solid players…)

Instead of just copying, I suggest you figure out the game plan they have set in place and why. Same with the tools. Too many times I’ve seen players do advanced things in wrong situations… I guess what i’m trying to say is, don’t take things out of context. and if you do. don’t throw it out randomly, have a reason behind it.

Nothing beats first hand experience and feedback from other players… Watching videos can only help you so much… I just include it here because Jigglynorris’ earlier post about mikado tournaments reminded me about that site.

I attribute my skill to about 10% from videos, and 90% from playing and coaching. Which is why I seek out matches from players that beat me consistently. Even if they are beating me with gimmicks that are obviously not legit that I just havn’t figured out yet… (becoming rare, thankfully)

I’ll do a set with you if you want Archer.

I guess one thing is that I don’t know how to bait a jump in by using fireballs to chip and push. Because I always fireball at the wrong time so I get jumped in on.

Well I guess I know how, but I can never do it properly.

please feel free to send me a message on xboxlive and I’m happy to play a set and give feedback. I’ve helped a lot of new players improve at this game over the years, so I have some experience in doing this.

If you decide to play Cammy (a REAL MAN’s character, no pussy projectiles, safe-on-block dashes, flying circus monkey, or :lk: chicken wing b.s.), give me a holler.

Otherwise, the world needs no more of whichever character you’re playing and I look forward to pwning you once you think you’re good.

The world needs more Ryu’s?

Sure, but I figured why state the obvious?

I find a Cammy player complaining about safe on block moves quite cute.

I would, too, if I didn’t know what I was talking about.

I’m pretty sure you’ve had the skill involved in using the cannon drill explained to you before. Do we really need to go over this again? (Hint: I’m giving you an out, here. You might wanna take it.)

Incidentally, I’ve recently started playing your character, just for laughs. Man, wotta cheap ass. I beat YuuVega – yes, that YuuVega – the first time I played Claw seriously in my entire life.

To HVB: Now that I think of it, you might wanna pick up Claw. Short of Akuma, I can think of no better character to get your confidence up by racking up a few easy wins while learning the basics.

I don’t think Vega is too n00b-friendly. If the player doesn’t have his defense down, cross-ups are going to obliterate. Using the walldive effectively can also prove difficult, though I definitely feel Vega is quite strong. I made the switch from Cammy a while ago and life has been easier. I still say Ken or Ryu for a beginning character.

I sub cammy =)

Haha your overconfidence is kinda cute.

Please do explain to me how proper spacing means the move is suddenly unsafe ?

Incidentally i like the new addition to my sig.