I think im gay.

can someone help me.

help u have gay sex?

Yup, you’re pretty gay.

knew i shouldn’t have posted pictures of myself.

I wish rep still existed so I could get premium and rep you.

Reply of the day. :rofl:

Kill yourself there is no future.

YEEEAAHHHH!!! Right guys, right?:confused:

Please tell me this is not the forum you had in mind to reveal such a thing.

where’s the fucking subscribe button at???

…and good luck.

What makes you think you’re gay?

Are you pee peeker?

I cringe at the thought of some random guy jacking to images of me online. As funny as that thought is, I still find it disturbing.

Eat pussy. Hopefully it’ll restore your sanity.

This should be a real good thread.

Your avatar seems to be an appropriate response to that scenario.

My avatar is appropriate to all scenarios.

In all seriousness I think this is what the OP is looking for.

I like this thread.

No homo.

Did someone post you up in PE basketball and cause your shorts to get tight?

If so, ayoooooooooooooooooo!

Gayest thread of the day.

This is the perfect website for you…
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Get your thuggin love on today:D

Well trolled imo.

Wait. Who got trolled? :confused:

You cringe at the thought of that?!?

I got my picture taken with Iraqi dudes when I was over there with the military back in '08-'09, and I can guarantee you those dudes jerked it to cell phone pics of something as innocent as me in my uniform. I had the look they dig in guys - young looking, dark hair, light skin, dark eyes. Whatever, some people are gay, some people aren’t. As John Lennon “whatever gets you through the night.”

BWAHAHAHAHA, wasn’t this profiled on SRK before?