I think I'm missing fight money. Am I missing fight money?

So from my understanding, I’m supposed to get 1k per character level and 10k per story completion, correct?

I’m level 20 with Cammy, which should be 20k. I’ve cleared story mode with Ryu and Cammy, which should be 20k. I’ve also won somewhere around 150 ranked matches… I’m currently sitting at 39k fight money.

Am I missing something?

Not sure, but I was playing online, but left the game overnight and lost all my fight money - no idea where it went. Is there a problem with people randomly losing fight money?

The first time I logged in after the retail version was out, I was level 87 and had around 101000 fight money. Really, I can’t remember playing the beta “that” much. Seems a bit weird, but I’m obviously not complaining.

This is kind of a huge fucking problem since these points actually have monetary value and can’t be recovered.

yeah i ran into a similar issue. if you complete story, easy, and normal survival modes, your character will end up being level 17. clearing hard puts them at level 22. i cleared hard mode with nash, and got the 10k fm from beating it, but not the 20k exp. so my nash stayed level 17 and i lost out on 5k fight money. not sure if i want to go through hard mode again with nash to see if i can get it back… especially since you technically only get that stuff on the first clear.

Your character gains 8 EXP levels when clearing Character Story. The supposed 10k for clearing Character Story includes 8k for leveling up; you only actually get 2k for clearing it.

Ultimately, if you clear a Character Story you will wind up with 10k FM.

Cleared Ken on Hard today and got 10000, plus 4000. 10000 was divided into 5000 for clearing with Ken and on hard, and the extra 4000 was for doing it for the 1st time? Have to admit the numbers seem a bit weird at times. Clearing Normal seemed to be 10000k for each character.

Ah, I see. That makes more sense. Thanks for the heads up.