I think it's time to move onto a new main/build up a Secondary. Any tips?

I feel like I’ve reached the point in my Street Fighter career where character selection is starting to play a part in my success. As some may know, I main Dan and I just feel like his limitations are costing me in some matchups. Considering some of his worst matchups are against almost every charge character and grapplers, I need a character who can work around this.
My question to SRK is this: How do I get in the mindset of choosing a new character, and how do I get out of nasty habits developed from my old main? (For example, I was playing as Ryu earlier and I kept thinking that Dan and Ryu’s Hurricane Kicks shared anything in common. They don’t. Whatsoever.)

Play an execution-heavy character with solid mixup options imo: Ibuki/C.Viper

One end of the playstyle spectrum to the other. :smiley:

learn how to win a bad match up instead of blaming the character and using a secondary

dan doesn’t have a hawk/blanka problem

I lol’ed.

But seriously, you should just hit training mode and try out characters you are interested in visually or stylistically and check out high level play of said characters to see which you’d think you’d really enjoy. Do you like mix-up characters? Do you like the more tradional footsie based characters? Do you prefer charge or circl motions? Ask yourself these questions.

If you are thinking about changing your main from Dan to another character you would do well to wait until AE version 2012 comes out due to the large amount of changes revealed (perhaps even more changes are still not revealed) meaning a character that you feel comfortable changing to now may not fit your play-style later on.
Also since Dan himself is getting no nerfs and some of his buffs (s.hk pushing back less, s.mp quicker startup) are actually quite good you may not even have to change mains at all.
Athough since I am a Dan main I may be a bit (very) biased towards Dan

Miused wordage, sorry. Meant their wakeup mixup shenanigans. I think he’s just looking for a higher tier character with a different playstyle.

Imo, a vortex character would suit you best, Stumblebee. Most of them have poor stamina, forcing you to change bad habits and minimize errors. But they excel at pressuring characters that have weak wakeup options.

Thanks for the tips, everyone. You know, I’ve always kind of wanted to really try Ibuki. I’ve always been a footsies kind of guy, but I really haven’t tried too much else outside of the normal shotos. I have been leaning towards Ryu as an alt because he is a really solid character. Maybe a playstyle change is exactly what I need. Think I’ll try out Ibuki today.

It’s a very difficult and mentally taxing situation. It requires moving the cursor on the character select screen.