I think SFV isn't as good as SFIV or something

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i mean USF4 will always be there for you to play, people still play II & 3s. its just a new game that sadly had launch issues & probably should have been labeled as early access.

edit: SFIV is coming up on a decade old in a few years

People said the same thing about SF4…


SF4 vanilla was terrible in comparison to SFV vanilla. Can’t really compare Ultra to it yet based on… a day.

Man, SF4 has YEARS of develop behind him.
I totally agree with boogityboy, SFV vanilla feels different and better to me than vanilla SFIV, this game at his core has good and solid mechanics.

I’m surprised it took this long for a IV vs V comparison thread to come up.

I remember all the damn 3S vs IV threads from Vanilla.

Is it better than vanilla SFxT, though?

The difference is: 3’s boys where right back then

In its current state SF5 is missing one important feature: Ibuki.

That’ll be added in July though.

People gonna go back to USF4 and Third Strike soon…

Well, it’s not as developed, both from a meta perspective and a content perspective, but I don’t think that makes it a worse or better game.

I think that for many, the ‘reboot’ was the refresher that they needed. At least for many that I speak to, while they enjoy SFIV and its iterations, the game had gotten relatively tiring for them. Sometime’s it’s good to reset the meta and give a new community of players an opportunity to gain a foothold with the franchise.

You see things like the player count as a weakness of the game, but it’s also an advantage. A smaller roster makes the game more accessible and more contingent on character knowledge. It also allows for the establishment of successful scenes in smaller areas, where players in USFIV, were not likely to have access to good players of each character matchup. While at a higher level, a smaller tigher roster can allow for more focused training and a generally higher level of gameplay exhibited, as the professionals can spend more time with each matchup, developing tech and strategies.

There are merits to the variability, but also many merits to the lack of, I think it’s good to strike a balance and I think a roster between 16 and 24 achieves that very well.

I understand this entirely but sf5’s modes imo feel great. survival mode’s actually somewhat fun and bearable nowadays and rollback…you can actually do combos now.
While it’s incomplete, it is certainly not bad. But that mode in particular just to get some grape and white drink colors…

3S almost destroyed the Street Fighter series. SFIV saved it.

grabs popcorn

This game got better mechanics by a mile, so it is already better, and will only improve through the years.

And what a good way to leave the party. Closing the show with a perfect performance…

I don’t think it was in development for so long, I can believe in 2 years, or even less but more than that looks unreal

Do we really need a new thread on this every time someone wants to bitch about their opinion of what the game should be?

I believe SFV’s base & principles as a fighting game are stronger than SF4’s.

But at the moment, SFV is like a organic grilled chicken breast, with no seasoning, no side dishes, with just a cup of water. It’s lean, its good, it’s healthy, but it’s missing a lot to make it a complete dinner that everyone at the table can enjoy for years to come.

Where’s the seasoning, the mashed potatoes, where’s the veggies, where’s the dessert. Lol We’re hoping its coming in March, June, and whenever Super SFV is announced; but not everybody is willing to wait to be served a full meal if they don’t have to…

I still play 3rd Strike on my 360. You can still get matches :slight_smile: