I think this may be the hint that Ono was talking about?

I’d got a ??? goods from Uchida-San. care about t… on Twitpic

This picture was posted on his twitter 4 days ago. What’s the poster in the background? It looks like a SF3 poster according to a comment on it. Perhaps its 3s HDRemix?

I sure as hell hope so…

That pic in the bg is Ryu artwork by gammon.

gammon on deviantART

good job gammon!

Why does there have to be an hd remix?

if there was an HD remix, i’m pretty sure ono would have nothing to do with it

The information I have is that it could be a Namco vs. Capcom crossover. I was told last night that they’ve been working on one for a while. Here’s a link to the article I just posted to my site about it.

ForceDisconnect : Capcom?s big surprise at Comic-Con: Namco vs. Capcom?

It’s tekken and capcom cross over, why else would the tekken & capcom guys be on the same stage at the same time? sigh*

Pretty much.

Tekken vs. Capcom?

Did you mean: Namco vs. Capcom, or just Tekken vs. Street Fighter… because I would love to see Pacman pop some pills and eat everyone

What kind of engine would it have? 2D or 3D? Which developer is manning the helm?

I don’t see how you can satisfy both fans of SF and fans of Tekken with the same game.

Am I the only person who wishes the Capcom fighting games team could make a completely NEW fighting game series?

It’s be awesome as they wouldn’t be bogged down by any preconceived notions or history… just a thought

i think is going to be a new darkstalkers game, inafune said that he wanted to do a new darkstalkers in an interview about the release of dmc4 a couple of years ago.

there is some info about the name “megaman universe” being patented in a few months ago, a megaman fighting cross over maybe?


i think there is a lot of posibilities

Ono and the Tekken man were flirting on stage like middle school kids. Gotta be a cross-over title

I hope it’s not, one way or another someone’s gonna be pissed because their game doesn’t play right. Probably the stupidest idea for a crossover I’ve ever heard…

haha I read stupid and got trolled into coming up with this gem: melty blood vs. smash bros

HDR had to be delayed several times just to become passable. Are you sure you wanna try that with a far more complicated game engine? Not to mention that 3s already looks better than HDR.

I know its probably not SF3 anyway. Vampire Savior wouldn’t really fit with Capcom’s recent rebirth. I just don’t think releasing a cult classic goth themed game would impress the Gamestop passer-by.

Both creators just wanted to support their own community.

There’s no way it’s a Tekken + Street Fighter game.

namco x capcom 2

not coming to the US hahaha

he did thank namco/bandai in his speech