I think we need Smash Bros

I think we need Smash Bros.

so that the missing Lew Brother Ronald can come can out again. Plus, Randy told me he was too tired and played bad in Mario kart that he decided to sabotage someone by hitting them head on with the star. (>.<)

I now declare these SRK staff as new inductees to the Lew Bros.

Mr. Wizard Lew (he’s a wizard…and we need a wizard in our family)
James Chen Lew (he has the same name as our dad)
ShinJN Lew (we love to give him a hard time whenever we see him)
Tom and Tony Cannon Lew (Tony is a compulsive poker player…he wanted to take my money)

I can’t forget Preppy Lew…of course…(^.^)

*Short History on Lew Bros., we started playing Street Fighter after seeing our cousin much older cousin Rosen Lew playing World Warriors at the Pizza Hut down the street. And then we got a SNES…(^.^)

**Whole point of this thread is that I think Smash Bros. should be Evo. It is a fighting game.

well with smash brawl out on the wii soon, i think the chances of it being on the roster could be a major possibility. i think the game will be huge. i never been a big smash player, but i respect it, and i think brawl will be worthwhile to get good at this time. and i think its gonna be very huge for the fact that its wifi also. yeah its lag, but i think that game can work well online unlinke a traditional fighter. so i think the scene will really blow up. just my 2 cents. but its gonna be interesting

I think the main reason Evo doesn’t have smash is because MLG already does. There would be too much of a conflict if both had smash.

Your closer to the truth than you know. Brawl will be apart of Evo in the future. Its the wave called NEOF. “New Era Of Fighters” the true Evolution. At least they stand by their name hard body. Good Stuff.

Considering the month or so break between Evo and MLG Orlando, there wasn’t really any conflict.

Seems like there would be plenty of conflict. The competitive smash community would be divided between MLG and Evo. I doubt any of the top sponsored smashers could do both, and thus would have to choose between Evo and MLG. I don’t think that would be good for either, and especially not good for smash.

MLG Orlando is this weekend. So it’s literally only a week in between the two. Also, one of the biggest Smash Bros. tournaments of the year (or ever, really, Japanese competition and everything) was held Tues-Thurs. in Cali. Basically that’s asking people to go to 3 huge tournaments in about a week and a half’s time.

It’s this weekend? Damn! That came up quicker than I expected. I didn’t know about the other Smash tourney either; did you go? How was it?

It’s ShinJN!! lol. Edit the post.

Rob, why didn’t Ron come to Evo? :o

ShinJN…sorry about that…I had it correct at first but decided to do that just to mess with you. (^^) Don’t worry ShinJN…you’re still cool with me.

Ron was saving his vacation days for a cruise with his girlfriend. Honestly, I would’ve done the same. That’s why I considered these SRK staff…fellow Lew Bros. (^^) Besides, Ronald favorite games other than MvC2 was Old Skool Street Fighter (cuz he plays old skool style) and Smash Bros.

Why Smash Bros? We just need a new mix of games…it may help. Or Bleach on DS cuz LB & Som kept playing it. =P