I think Wright having his own tier does make sense

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I was thinking of something. All of the “level” characters are characters that get better as they change form. Frank and Phoenix (Jean) are average as they are normally, but get better as they level up.

Wright is a different case entirely.

When you think about it, Wright is a character that can effectively be in ANY tier simply because of his unique properties. For example:

Investigation mode: Bottom tier.
Trial mode (no evidence): Low tier
Trial Mode (Bad/Average evidence pool): Low-Mid
Trial Mode (Great Evidence): High-Mid
Turnabout Mode (Bad evidence Pool): High tier
Turnabout Mode (Cell Phone): Top

He’s honestly all over the place. Unlike Frank and Jean who are always consistent in what they gain, Wright’s effectiveness has far more factors to consider: The form he’s in and what projectiles he has access to in that form.

So, I believe a “Phoenix Wright” tier actually is warranted, but not like an MvC2 “Roll Tier,” but more like a “??? Tier.” He’s the one character in the whole roster that is so inconsistent that he can literally be one of the best, the worst, the middle, the high-mid, the bottom-low, bottom-top, mid-high, whatever.

He’s the Wild Card on the roster. So having him in his own tier actually does make sense, forming a tier list that looks more like this:


imo this idea would make more sense if it were a gen Gimmick Tier instead, with Frank and Phoenix both shoved in the lot since they’re also pretty much wildcards that suffer from the fluctuating outcomes problem. It acknowledges by default that they all have special Risk/Reward circumstances unlike the regular characters.

That said I don’t know if I agree with this whole idea of special tiers in general since at the end of day they’re still facing off a cast that has their weapons on deck at the start of the match, and what matters in a tier list is their efficiency to win.

idk, just my 2 pebbles

How does great evidence make him top tier? I don’t find evidence too useful to keep a wolverine/vergil/x-23 away from me :confused:

paperwork helps though.

It’s matchup dependent but it can help a decent bit. But I don’t agree with having PW in his own tier. That’s like having Phoenix in one tier and Dark Phoenix in another. While she isn’t random like Wright is, the chance is still present for her not to make it to DP form, and since PW is tough to “level up” and can be easily inconsistent he definitely belongs in low tier, but imo in marvel tiers don’t matter too much since it’s a random game and anything can happen.

I disagree. A tier doesnt consist only of his “current” level but in his overall efficiency. While I do agree that turnabout is top tier, you spend about 5 to 10% of your time IN turnabout mode. Doing an honest to god (although really damaging) turnabout combo can drain your timer almost completely. I use P Wright as my point, and my biggest turnabout modes usually end up killing the entire team… only if i manage to get one finger xx x factor xx level 3 on the last enemy. other than that, my TA is gone and so is probably him.

If you consider the GLOBAL effect of phoenix, he has FAR more disadvantages than advantages. So yeah! Maya is great! Too bad you can get command grabbed out of it. And many persons are getting on with it too REALLY fast (i see you there wesker… and she hulk… and nemesis… and tron… and haggar… and… do I really have to keep it up?). His air is total garbage (really the only going for him is he has a great grab… too bad that wont work against haggar, nova, spencer, zero, and countless other that get great options with their H or front H).

Though I agree phoenix can go from lowest to top tier in one match… overall, against REALLY good players (i’ve had some matches with 1st lords lately since I got up to 3rd… and some randoms with one cosmic lord), phoenix wright will. not. survive.

If anything, he’s overall, bottom tier. And I dont mean an optimistic “hey guize Im almost mid tier!”. No. Bottom. Bottom bottom bottom. Lowest of low. I still love him and main him, but he’s not strong at all.

Tiers really don’t matter that much since this is a team game and um… like what poryon said, this is a random game with random outcomes and results.

Imo, Wright shouldn’t have his own tier list. He’s most likely mid or low tier (As if I cared). Against really good players, it’s hard but it’s very… very… highly possible to survive and get into turnabout mode . Just get the right assists and make the perfect defense then you’re pretty much good or clear but it’s not easy. You still have to deal with those teleporters and rushdowns but well… Practice makes perfect and also, get good assists ;). Just remember that once you get in turnabout mode, put Wright in anchor because his chip damage is incredible enough to finish a whole team in a few seconds.

For those who have found the perfect team then… good for you :slight_smile: