I thought about getting back into CvS2

I was playing with a group of buddies last week. First time in a really long time that I’ve played CvS2. They’re pretty good and all, and I give em a run for their money despite that I don’t play CvS2 anymore and they play everyday or so.
I thought, awww hell why not? I don’t get chances to play with friends usually, so I’ll have to play at MGL and SVGL frequently.
A more important question that I was really curious about and maybe someone has an answer. My arcade stick just gives up on me randomly when I play CvS2 on xbox. Anyone know about any conflicts with the stick and xbox version of CvS2? Like I can start a match and the stick just won’t do any moving commands. The buttons work, but the stick just dies on me and I have to restart my xbox.

Now, I know some of you may have already said something like
"the xbox version isn’t accurate, the buffering is wrong. etc etc…"
I don’t even do those moves btw. I know you can’t do it in arcade, thats why I just don’t do it.

Another bunch of questions that I got. Maybe buktooth could come in and answer them. I’d really like that.

Which of the following can ONLY be parried low? Blanka’s c.fp? vega’s c.any punch? Sagat’s c.fp?
What kind of priority does Cammy over on opp. on wakeup in the corner if you’re spaming close range s.fp’s? Could it stop wakeup DP? Could it stop Charge moves? What frame advantages or disadvantges do I have on spamming close range s.fp’s? Would it be practical? I ask this because I’ve seen close range s.fp, close range s.fp, c.mk xx super. I’ve seen this connect before, but I want a general idea on how tight the frames are on wakeup.
My favorite sagat mixup to use to brake down gaurd meter is: j.lk, s.lp, s.lp, c.lk, c.lk, c.fp
Can you suggest something better for gaurd breaking?
How many frames does a person have from landing to crouching blocking? Example: Sagat jumps empty in front of an opp. so when he touches the ground, how many frames would Sagat be vunerable to low hits?
My Sagat s.fp, fierce dp doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

I might have more questions…maybe later.

See Buktooth’s Systems FAQ, look for tripguard, for a complete answer to guarding low moves. The short answer would be, if it’s an empty jump, they can block low immediately. If they stuck out something, there’s 2 frames on landing where they can’t block, so if they land on something, they’ll eat it. So in your example, 0, Sagat gets to block. If he stuck out j. RH against, say Chun, and she did cr. MP to go right under it, Sagat would land on that and get hit. Also why activate, tripguard CC’s can get “baited”, if the other guy does nothing.

For Sagat, I can’t offer any guardbreaking advice. Just a thought though. If your close enough to land the jabs, you may want to try and work a counterhit/throw mixup, rather than score guard damage. After a successful st. jab, learn the timing to make the next jab, or cr. short a counterhit. Most of the time, you can’t walk forward. It’s more like, st. jab, wait a bit, then press the button again. You might want to stand up, crouch, or something to make your sprite flinch and make the other guy react to something that’s not there.

I’m not much for performing guard breaking strings right off the bat. Try to make every jab a guess for the other guy, either you’ll walk up and throw, or you’ll counterhit him if he moves. At the point where you can’t effectively force him to guess, then finish off with st. jab -> cr. fierce, or cr. LK to cr. fierce. But I don’t think I’d ever just go straight for the guard crush, unless it was guaranteed to break or something. I just think going for throws and counterhits has a lot more potential damage than going straight for a crush. If you always go for some preset string, the other guy can just sit back and block, without having to think or worry too much. If you force the other guy to think about every jab you touch him with, you can cause some pretty spectacular breakdowns.

Both Cammy fierces give +9. That pretty much lets her link a lot of stuff easy.Even easier on a counterhit. Fierce offers a lot of frame advantage, but it’s a bit, predictable in a sense. Practical, seeing as how almost every Cammy player uses the fierce judiciously, but not always the best option. cr. short makes the other guy react faster, and more often. Don’t always go for the fierce when they’re down. I wouldn’t expect fierces to beat DP’s. Trade at best against the less invincible ones, but expect to be stuffed by the good ones. I am unsure about your comment about meaties vs. charge moves. Are you thinking of RC’d charge moves? Specific ones with invincibility?

I dunno, I don’t think there’s anything specific I can offer about Cammy’s fierce. I mean, it’s just like any other meaty right? Beats normals and noninvincible stuff with a startup, loses to truly invincible stuff, but if they screw up and fail to get reversal timing, you’ll whack them back hard.

Could you be more specific about the Sagat fierce -> DP not working? There’s not exactly a lot to work off of there in your post to help us make recommendations.

The DP just doesn’t come out for me. I end up getting punished because you’re obviously at frame disadvantage even if you land the s.fp. Can I get one these things? :dp::hp: And step by step on how you connect s.fp --> fierce dp?
Not sure if its clear or not. We’ll just see.

Evo’s over and I got beat up. So here’s my notebook if it helps.


wow, i wish i had access to this when i decided to change to C-sagat one month ago.

imma go learn c-blanka, cuz mago’s c-blanka is hot and i’m a band wagon jumper.