I thought Capcom wanted to make SFIV more accessible to casual players?


They always talk about how they want to get more people into playing fighting games and SF4 in particular, but so many of their policies seem designed to do exactly the opposite.

I know a lot of people on this forum are long-time, experienced players so this won’t matter to them, but just put yourself in the shoes of someone who only started playing SF4 a couple of years ago: there’s now something like 40+ characters on the roster. How in the hell is a casual player supposed to learn 40 different matchups, with unique footsies spacing, punishes, and safejump setups/vortex options? And that’s without even mentioning the fact that some characters have been changed so drastically from one version to the next that they might as well be new characters altogether (e.g., AE Hakan, AE Akuma, Super Seth, etc).

And talking of changes, how does it help anyone to make such fundamental changes to characters and even the whole game engine at such a late stage in the game’s lifecycle? E.g., DP FADC is perfectly fine for 5 years and 4 different iterations of the game, but then all of a sudden it’s broken?

And then on top of that the whole balancing policy is insane. So I can put hundreds of hours into learning a character and then they release a new version of the game in which my character is severely nerfed (yes, I am a salty Sagat main) and they expect me to pay for the privilege of playing my nerfed character? That’s not my idea of fun, and it’s not the paying for it that I don’t like. It just comes down to, what happened to balancing the bad characters ‘up’ instead of taking things away from the good characters?

Anyway, am I alone in thinking Capcom could have done a much better job of looking after the SF4 series?


Listen dude…

I just started playing this game a few days ago.

BUT … I am an experienced fighting game player, just not with street fighter 4. This game is completely new to me

With that said, I am able to learn characters quickly and play at a high level compared to most players online… but this is what I have found with this game…

Compared to Mortal Kombat and Tekken, this game is soooooooooooo bum friendly. This is why…

  1. You have characters that can just grab you and kill you in three hits.

  2. You don’t even need to do combos to be decent at the game… and in fact the most complex combos are only a few hits long. This caters to new players making the gap between good and great minimal

  3. Ultra combos give bums a chance. If a good player drops a combo ONCE they can get hit with an ultra and instantly lose a match that they completely dominated.

For these three reasons, I feel you need to readjust your thinking.


*rubs nipples

so youre dissapointed with ultra?


Vanilla is where it’s at. Gown ass damage for lyfe.


They did make some aspects more casual. Do you think pro players really needed the health buff E.Ryu got? They made Geneijin useless with Yun because of red focus combos. Gen can mash upkicks.

Every character can combo into their Ultra with red focus


well you see it was really hard to jump in attack and do a follow up so to make things easier this is how you do it now: jump in attack that’s ambiguous crossup>buffer special in case of backdash or focus or reversal> land>crouch tech OS cr.lk+lp xx lp+cr.HK> start over again. lots of fun and mind games right? oh yeah, since it was so hard to hold back to block or tech a throw, they decided to put in invincible backdashes! FUCK MEATIES BECAUSE THEY HARDZ. to make things even easier there’s like 5 true block strings in the game so your opponent can mash on the new super hard DP inputs that have super hard 5 frame buffer windows all the while maintaining block stun. this was in order to make attacking easier. of course they can’t stop there. we NEED 44 characters who play very similar in many ways and yet require matchup knowledge. easy as pie.

in case it went unnoticed i was being sarcastic. this game is the exact opposite of what they set out to design.


I’m not going back to 200+ damage counter-hit FADC-able HP Shoryukens. You can’t make me.

And the idea that 4 is easier definitely got lost somewhere. Basic combos don’t require as much speed as Third Strike, but the option selects, frame traps, ridiculous number of matchups, and insane knockdown game destroy any chance of the game being “accessible.” But, considering how Street Fighter has always been focused on mindgames, zoning, and footsies whether Capcom likes it or not, so I don’t even know where you would start making it “accessible.”


I agree with your point about mashing ultras, but not the point about combos. The combo system in this game is heavily tilted towards very good/experienced players. Eg. several characters have 1 frame links in their BnBs. 1 frame links are the antithesis of noob friendly.


How the fuck are you going to learn how to drive in all those different freeways and streets. OMG

It took me nearly a decade to realize just what kind of person posts on here.



Capcom was aiming for newer players in 08 dude.

back to the future bruh


Actually that’s a good point. I think Capcom is only trying to appeal to the hardcore of SF players with Ultra, because there’s no way ‘DP FADC is now -5 on block’ could be a selling point to anyone who hasn’t already put a lot of time into the game.


Herp derp characters.
Red Focus.
Tutorials by Capcom + tech from people over the years (most still relevant).

Too lazy to list more, you want an auto combo button? Like SFxT but instead does 50%? 40 different matchups? Most of the cast still isn’t even used, and unless you live outside of America you only need to learn like 5.

Edit: 6* thanks to Smug.

I started to agree with you, then you lost me at 1.


That’s a bunch of bullshit, Jebop (as per usual). All the game mechanics you mentioned are really only exploited by very good players. And you must be playing the same 5 people over and over if you think there’s only 5 matchups to learn.


They did make it accessible…a hell of a lot more accessible. Considering previous incarnations of street fighter, this is by far the easiest to pick up. The amount of characters and match ups doesn’t constitute a steeper learning curve, but rather variety. I mean, what did you want, 8 characters with 2 being palette swaps? Combos are already easy to execute, and 1-frame links aren’t mandatory at a certain level of competition. If you’re suggesting you want a game where you don’t have to try as hard or put in as much work and practice in order to make top 8 at EVO, then you’re in the wrong forums asking the wrong people. Folks here take pride in slow and gradual progression in skill and acquiring knowledge of the game. If you want a win button type game, try Mario Party, I hear that can get pretty competitive.

And btw, you ask how a casual player can hang with top player…they’ can’t and shouldn’t, as much as a dude from the Y can hang in the NBA. That’s why one is casual and one is a top player. A casual player can’t compete with a top player, but they can still have fun with other casual players. You can totally be the best casual player amongst your friends though, but if you want more, you’re going to have to actually put in work.


Its one of the most accessible SF games ever, dude. Play some 3rd Strike and you’ll see what I mean when you compare them.


not to mention the people that play third strike are either offline and play everyonce in awhile, or they are online and complete assholes. If you werent into third strike back in the day there is really no reason to play it now. You just get nothing but people who no lifed that shit on dreamcast or whatever until they caught wind of OE.

12 years of parrying>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>any amount of time you invest


The only bullshit thing is this thread is the 1st post and the crying after.

5 year old game gets an update and one of your biggest complaints is the -5 dp nerf. Pack it up.


That’s not really even an issue. Just back dash after FADC. As far as I know only the FADC forward has the frame -5 nerf.


SF4 really isn’t that accessible; just doing hit confirm combos is really tough for a beginner, while in other games you can just do a basic chain to ender. There’s less memorization of long ass combos, but the barrier to entry for execution is pretty damn massive if you want to play anyone but Ryu/Ken (and even then you’re super limited in what you can do and that turns off a lot of players). While I prefer SF4 to most other fighting games, Soul Calibur, Blazblue, MK9, and Injustice are all far easier to get into. Hell, I’d say that MvC3 is as well, because you can play at a basic level by just picking up the game and doing basic chains. As to the skill ceiling or difficulty curve, that’s a bit different, but SF4 is really not newbie friendly in any way shape or form. Doesn’t mean it’s not a great game, just means that if there’s one thing I’ll give SFxT credit for, it’s making the controls a lot more intuitive.


You mean casual vs pro players, maybe you’re right. But this also is a stupid statement right ?
Casual vs casual I hardly see the problem you can face in term of user-friendly gameplay.

And stop with this old meme : mashers reversal/ultras is a win button. Takes 2 games to download scrubs habits (and losing those isn’t even necessary) and adjust to win the 10 next games.
You choose to pressure on block with non blockstring combo at your own risks.