I thought I was all alone... T~T

Hi! My name is Dan. I use Dan in Street Fighter 4 and want to learn more and become at least a decent Saikyo fighter! :Db!

I actually stumbled upon this website via random Youtube videos for Dan since I’ve never really fought anyone who used him (Rather…how can nobody use him?!) until I came upon this plethora of Dan-goodness!

Sugami’s youtube stream, actually! :Db! Which led me to more and more and now I’m super obsessed with revenging my father’s death. Er, Dan’s.

Anyhow! Now that that’s out of the way! I was wondering if when SSF4 comes out if any of you had thought of (and if it has, I apologize.) kinda officially organizing an online Dan Saikyo Dojo. I could only imagine the amount of awesome Dan V Dan matches would be…or rather a bunch of Dan’s retaking the Saikyo name and really puttin’ it out there!


I do what I can :bgrin:

That’s kind of something I had thought about meself.

The problem is : some play on PC, some play on PS3, some on Xbox… We can never be fully united! :frowning:

I think I’m the only UK 360 Dan in existence :frowning:

Well, if anything I’d hope I’d at least get to play with some of you…somehow! I got pretty far in a small local tourney with my scrub Dan and now I’ve been learning a good amount. WE MUST BAND TOGETHER AND PROVE THAT SAIKYO STYLE TRULY IS THE STRONGEST STYLE!

I’m all for banding together and everything but … Saikyo is, by definition, the Strongest Style. How do you prove that 1 equals 1?

By being the baddest of all asses.