I thought the 40gb MGS4 PS3 wasn't backward compatible or VGA compatible?

My PS3 has been living a lie. Konami and all gaming sites I’ve read said 40gb PS3’s aren’t backwards compatible.

Custom Linux cable from my PS2 Linux days

My brother’s copy of Alpha 3, I found accidentally in my CD case

The monitor is a Sony GDM-FW9000 monitor with sync on green and it works by putting the PS3 in… AV MULTI / SCART >480p / 480i

This says partially compatible.

This is awesome.

Well I’ll be:blush:
O’Well, can’t wait o start buying some PS2 shooters.

It plays PS1 games but not PS2 games. PS3 backwords compatibility sucks anyway. All games lag at least 3 frames.

No, ALL PS1 Games are BC, but Ps2 games aren’t. Rugedman, thats for the 80GB bundle, notanoob got the rare special edition gunmetal 40gb version. Which has NO bc, not even software (yet). However all ps3’s can play ps1 games, but only the 60, 20 and 80 can play ps2 games. The 40 cannot.

Does the 80gb model lag when playing PS2 games?

do 80gig work/lag with ps1 controllers (will i need to make a new stick for a ps3 or can i use my old ps1 pcb?)

you can use the ps1 pcb.

Uhh, what? If you mean with a converter, you better clarify that. I ain’t seen a PS3 with a place to plug in PSX controllers yet.

Yeah, I havn’t been able to get too up close to a PS3 yet, so i don’t know what the controller situation is like

Is this true? I was about to buy a 60 GB PS3 solely based on the fact that it had better backward compatibility. Is the best option really to just lug around a ps2 with me?

Backwards Compatibility on the 60GB PS3s is PERFECT. No lag, works with 100% games.

Incorrect, the BC of 60GB is more around 98%.

I haven’t found any games that dont work on the 60GB PS3… the 60GB PS3 has the Emotion Engine which is hardware compatability… pretty much the same way that the PS2 did the PS1, and the Genesis did the Master System.

Which games make up that 2%? I want to know which games to avoid.

Unless you have all the ps2 and ps1 games, then your point is useless.

I’m aware of the EE, but that doesn’t necessarily mean 100% BC; although BC for the 60GB is more ~99% now due to firmware updates. Read the ps3 thread in GD, there is plenty of good info there.

PS: I’m not trying to pick a fight with you or anything and it’s nothing personal, I just don’t want wrong info being passed around.

Actually it’s more like 1% now, as stated above due to firmware updates, but I really don’t know. Just go here and check if the game you want is playable http://www.us.playstation.com/Support/CompatibleStatus

Thanks for the link.

PS3 backward compatibility buffers video frames, so there is input lag, even if you don’t notice it.

Oh thx for info.

The 60GB DEFINITELY has input lag, and it can’t be fixed options or settings. That’s why I have 2 PS2s.