I took apart my HRAP3 and I like what I see

Hello all!
I’m kinda new to the forums but all of the custom sticks have gotten me really interested. I took apart my HRAP3 and I removed the HRAP sticker off the top plate. I want to do either one of the following.

(1) Put my HRAP3 Contents in another box/case.
(2) Create artwork for the TOP PLATE. (I already Xeroxed the TOP PLATE so that I can create a stencil for my artwork.

Can you guys give me some insight onto obtaining a new wooden case or OLD CONTROLLER that I can stick the HRAP3 guts intro? If anyone here is very good with art, I can commission you to draw something for me. I’m quite terrible at artwork. :frowning:


P.S. If I can obtain a suitable case from these boards, I will gladly sell my HRAP3 case to some forumites here.



Is this serious? lol

dumping contents in another case = huge waste of money

just slap that shit back together and look into getting a faceplate or something

while its apart order some buttons/stick lol

It’s all aesthetics. If he wants to spend the money to make a kickass custom stick I wish him the best. In my opinion custom case > HRAP case with art slapped on.

Thanks for the pics, they’ll be helpful when/if I decide to swap parts on my HRAP3 which I got yesterday.

I like the size and weight of the case, but the stick feels real loose compared to the candycabs I played on years ago.

good luck on your project.

I think what he’s getting at is that buying all Sanwa parts plus a PCB (probably from a Hori Fighting Stick 3 or a Hori Pad 3 Turbo), and paying for wires, quick disconnects, and someone else’s soldering services still probably costs about the same as buying a HRAP3 for dissassembly, and leaves you in about the same position for creating a new custom stick from those components.

ZoMBie343: If you do use switch to a new case, I’d be interested in buying the HRAP3 shell from you (plastic base, top plate, bottom cover, and all applicable screws/nuts/bolts). It would help a switching of cases make more sense, financially.


Thank you everyone for your insight. I will look into building a new case over the next few days, possibly out of wood or maybe slab some metal sheets together. If I go the metal route, I have to find a way to punch the 1-1/8" holes for the buttons/stick.

To those with criticisms. The HRAP3 is a great piece of HARDWARE. The case is solid but it’s just not right for me. It should be durable AND portable.


Oh my gosh…why do I keep getting red boxes under my name? You guys are so harsh. :frowning:

bingo, though tackling the soldering on your own and using a UPCB you built from the instructions would probably make it cheap enough to seriously consider just selling the hrap3 and going down the route you want from scratch, with some extra cash in your pocket to boot

in short: if you want something with a custom case then more power to ya, but even if ps3 compatibility is a must then you could still do it a lost more cost-effectively than by buying a new hrap3 to gut, especially if you want all sanwa parts with your stick too since the buttons that a hrap3 comes with out of the box are some sort of knockoff brand

I honestly thought this was a joke, due to the pictures with the obvious labels. I honestly got a good laugh out of the labels…“guts” etc. My bad.

If you are wanting to completely mod out a stick, and have it portable, sell the HRAP3 imo, and pick up an FS and mod it. A lot more portable, has the PCB for PS3 already, and with the recent influx of users posting tutorials, seems like it would be right up your alley.

what the hell is going on in here. :rofl: Darn shame he put watermarks on the pics cause I was about to go scam someone by making a fake FS post. :rofl: If you want to talk hrap you go here http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=95713 and I think it’s safe to say that 99% of SRK knows what the inside of an arcade stick looks like. If you’re just going to use the parts you might as well just sell that stick or return it because it’s a waste of money. The hori pcb isn’t anything special and you’ll save a lot more money by either hacking your own pad, paying someone to hack a pad or just buying one of the cheaper sticks and using its pcb as other people have said.

Exactly why I thought it was a joke. Haha.

I actually did not know what the inside of an arcade stick looks like. Like I said, I’m quite new to this, but NOW I feel very comfortable with this.

And actually, isn’t the HRAP3 special? AFAIK, HRAP3 is the only stick that works will on PS2 games on the PS3 system.

EDIT: I want to clarify!! I bought the HRAP3 to use and play for myself. THEN, I found the custom stick gallery on these forums and wanted to modify my HRAP3 so I disassembled/reassembled it and considered methods for putting my own artwork. It seems everyone agrees that:

Custom Case + Custom Art > Custom HRAP3

The problem is that your method is sort of wasteful. You’ll be keeping the Sanwa Stick, maybe the buttons, and the PCB. PCB’s are cheap, and there’s no way that those 3 items add up to what you ended up paying for the HRAP3.

If you want a custom case, you don’t need the contents from the HRAP. (Stick for 25, Sanwa buttons for… 18-20?)

When you pay for the HRAP, you’re paying for the arcade parts as well as the case - the parts are not special limited edition HRAP parts, you can buy those separately for much cheaper than the total cost.

Basically, if you want a custom case and custom art, buy new parts - don’t disassemble the HRAP3 and only use 30% of it.

The only way I could see this a viable statement, is if you are lucky enough to get one of the good 5 or so stick makers here, to do it. Their slots are almost always full, and once a slot does open up, it is gone in an instant. If you can’t get one of the better makers, you are a lot better off with a HRAP imo. Or, spam the crap out of the Traders Forum when Timoe has a case up for sale, and pray.

There are reasons that HRAP, HRAP 2, VSHG’s are hard to find, to go along with the HRAP 2 SA selling out. They are good sticks, and very moddable to make them your own “custom”.

IMO, unless you are lucky enough to get a spot in line for a great stick maker here on the site, just replace the buttons in your HRAP 3, and have a ball.

Unless you can make your own case. :smile:

A lot of people seem to be missing my point. I need ONE stick:

1.) That works on PS3 (Both PS3 and PS2 Games).
2.) That works on PC

I can put my HRAP3 back together and use it for these purposes. But, how can I build a custom stick that does all this:

1.) But a PS2 gamepad
2.) Buy a PS2 -> PS3 adapter AND a PS2->PC adapter?

Which method do you think is better, folks?

I don’t understand why you are trying to take the hardest route possible, when you already have direct means to do what you want to do. Work smarter, not harder. Put the HRAP 3 back together (get new buttons though) and you have what you want…

If you go the other route, and use a PSone DS PCB, just get a Pelican adapter to work on both PS3 and PC.

Eureka! I didn’t know it was just one adapter…and I probably will change the buttons. Since I removed the HRAP3 vinyl from the top plate, I think I’ll put my own single-color vinyl there too. Thanks again!