I tried so hard to make her good

But I just cant do it. If you know me, you know I am one of the best low tier masters around the mvc2 scene. I give every character a chance and some actually work quite well. Lately, chun li has been my project. I am sad to say after a good 2 weeks of training, I cant make her good enough. Her biggest turn off is that she has no combos into supers on her own which is HUGE for mvc2. sure you can say launch super but cmon, getting a launch with chun li is the same as agetting a launch with cable or dahlsim, its not gonna happen.

Furthermore, her air combo. give me a break, jab, jab short, double jump, short blah blah only jabs and shorts chain. Her longest triple jump combo does less damage than her launch 123456 combo which does 38 points, her best triple jump does 36. Her most damaging that I found is corner only, launch 123 2x head stomp for 40 points.

so, its off to find a different character. sorry chun.

do u play wolvie?

But I just cant do it. If you know me, you know I am one of the best low tier masters around the mvc2 scene.


So sad u r a f.great master, but cant do good combos with her, that I can…

WTF>… U call that a combo of Chun???

Just learn how to use her stomp before saying she has no combo…

Just one more Thing… here some good alone combos for her:

vs cable:

launcher, Sj.lk, sj. mp, sj. d+hk, dash, j.lk, j.f+hk.

That one already does more than 40 points… I have more combos, more damaging ones.

U sayd best triple jump combo do 36… ok… now calculate for me please:

Launcher, Sj.lk, sj. mp, sj. d+hk, dash, j.lk, jump, j.lk, j.mp, j.d+hk, lk, mk, hk.

I forgot to try that one, but for sure that one goes more then 50 AND is out of the corter.

Now fow special combos, I dont know why launcher, special dont caunt cause can be used as a good anti-air. but ok… lets try smoething diferent.

U can do d.hk, special. Wel… sounds a little nood right? sometimes works… well… not really…

so lets change…

l.lk, dp.hk, hazan super.

first kick hits down, so its really good. U can do the ightinig kicks super too in that situation, but sometimes miss the last hit, but for show offing + dhc stuff words fine.

last one, I cound make only in corner, but Im pretty sure that one works in anywere.
launcher, sj.d+hk, dash, j.lh, j.hk (first hit only), land, s.lp, dp.hk, hazan super.**

71 points of damage, nice solo combo in my opinion… thats what I got right now…

its too hard to do dp after lk because its not enough reaction time. ill try those stomp combos later.

Well… u can do too :
c.lk, dp.hk xx lightining kicks super**

That one is to could do even in defence and go for a nice chip plus DHC(cause its not safe T__T) and the timing its a bit hard…
But before that u got:

c.lk, s.hk…

I mean… that one is really nice, simple… but u can do after an infinite or a pseudo-tri jump too… not that impossible to link as u sayd.

With Assists she has amazing combos, nice setups for infinites and stuff…

i like chun-li’s instant over heads with the stomp, and i like the fact that when you do it in super jump mode and it hits or gets blocked you get to call an assist =D. i picked up chun-li a little while ago to experiment and i think shes pretty good. only thing i dont like about her is her short ranged limbs. but other than that the bitch can avoid and rush pretty damn well.

Her limbs are short ranged, but her HPs and c.HK has high priority (not storm priority but…)

in air vs air battle, she can do dash.f+hk to give more distance.

Her stomp, in my opinion, is what she have to be a good char. Shhe lost pretty much things form marvel 1, or xmen vs street… but trainig hard she has amasing combos and infinites with possible setups! she just need to be explored

You’re not trying hard enough. She doesn’t have easy combos into supers by herself, but she’s got good tricks, a surprisingly good set of specials, big throw range, and a good frame kill super. (DP super). Plus she’s good as an assist. This is just off the top of my head.

yeah i hear ya. she doesn’t suck, she’s decent. the most damaging solo combos aren’t too great… she can’t link to her specials (barely anything) so thats a HUGE, huge letdown. The most damaging combos i can do with her, involve assists…

Thano’s capture
Ruby Heart’s capture

about 1/4 a bar. to me, that’s the best she can do… and the most damaging things she can do… with assists. She needs them. desperately, to become “decent”. Don’t you all agree?

(ps, can someone post the triple jump combo? i know its low damage but it’s flashy. Also be sure to include details… like where the pauses are, and how tall the characters have to be, things like that. thanks)

yeah she definitely lost a LOT Of things… especially her SuperJump-Cancel, HK (right off the ground, she can still do it… but not as low to the ground anymore, sadly). And infinites with possible setups? are you kidding me? I don’t think chunli has any infinites at all… maybe on sentinel? trust me, we’ve explored her heh. Well i guess you can never say that unless somebody experiments. Maybe somebody will come up with something. You should try it out! and report back here

I wouldn’t like her with those assists - I think Sentinel would eat that up… ? I play pure pixie against Sentinel, just trying to poke him to the ground and eat him up as possible with cross-ups and head stomps into Tron assist for the damage that Chun can’t easily do by herself.

But beyond the trickery of her overhead games… yeah, she’s just not good. I love to play her and bust her out all the time (Bernie and I had a Chun Li-off last time, IIRC), but still: if you can’t get her on a roll early, it’s usually done because she takes too much damage and deals too little to be very effective.

That being said, her kikosho-snap, head stomps, and combos ending in lightning legs always make me laugh. And throw into corner OTG is OK. Not nearly as useful as Tron’s corner throw, though.

wanna bet?

Preppy: For sure she doenst have good damage like magneto or sentinel… but I got an solo setup of her special that deals 70 of damage solo combo… and some infinites… not in sentnel only… in cable, magneto, storm…blablabla… only servbot I didnt tryed… anyway… I will try to post…

preppy, what do you mean pure-pixie? what is that? yeah, her with thanos/rubyheart isn’t TOO Great of a team… you would definitely need another character that would be a good assist + make a really good on-point character that can handle himself… Sentinel, cable, mag, etc.

shin-chan… whaat? are you serious??? she has infinites that aren’t sentinel only? i can’t wait to see this. i didn’t even know it was possible. please post up the moves and how to do it. a Vid would be really nice! if you have one. I can’t wait

Yes she has! I will proudly post the video soon (soon that My dreamcast get fixed… I tryed to make in chankast but my pc isnt good enought I guess… or I am doing something worng)… I can tell… It worked vs cable, storm,magneto with no problems… but vs sentinel I guess need something different… and have a simple version of the infinite that catches all the 4 gods and soo… I will show soon as possible ^^

lol, unfortunately his DC is gone, RIP dude.
but he will make his vid, don’t worry

uhhn… well… o… I think I will put in a Txt ow in the post I will make later here… cause Im not uset to video editing…

well, it’s done! here it is!


edit nevermind. mods delete this post please

wow… you found that video… I made that but just put all togeter cause my friends liked to see… the upper one… its the final version… like this…

Version beta

Final Version

Soon I will rapid share the final version high quality… well… its not perfect (cause I had only one hour of training mode to do everything, sadly taped all black an white and… used only Windows Movie Maker 2)… nothing special… just a simple thing… But I liked the final thing, hope you liked to… soon the combos will bee posted here!

pS:… just for information, no programable pads were used nor short cuts (except for taunts -__-… in my control start is a bit far so…) nad were done in a real dreamcast with Pump it Up songs… and… well … thats all… hehe… enjoy!!