I tried this before. (wu tang avatar)

Just some of kind of wu-tang logo av, that’s animated in some kind of way. be creative plz

yes, i know this was your old thread.

here’s my point: when muffin made you the av, it was small because of two reasons. first, you’re not prem, and the non-prem av dimensions really limit how much you can show in the av. second, did you honestly expect a large wu-tang logo, in its correct proportions, to fit within non-prem dimensions?

since you didn’t provide any images this time, i went out to go look for one. i didn’t even attempt to animate this one yet, but at least it has the correct proportions:

and this is as far as i’m going to take it. if you’re not going to go prem, i’m not going to finish this. i don’t want to make something small. otherwise, you’re just not going to use it. however, i’m not going to make something big and so out of proportion that it looks horrendous.

my suggestion to you is pick something else. either that, or wait for someone else to do this.

Or go prem.


How is this?

I forget he made that. I would’ve used that one actually. :lmao:

I shall save this one.

Then save the next one that leone for when I do go prem.

The last entry is nice to.

Not the good way of asking someone to spend some of his precious time for your own enjoyment.
After reading that kind of stuff, i won’t be trying any av for you…
Seriously…you’re not even being polite. “please” and “thanks” won’t hurt anybody y’know…

The effort is always appreciated, but getting butt hurt over an obvious joke is kind of silly. imo.

I mean, if nobody wants to make an av…um…ok,I can do without one so no skin off either bone.

EDIT: and for the record, i did say please.