I use to think my arcades where ghetto


This is a picture I stumbled upon while searching for Street Fighter Marquee’s. It was posted on a blog about the life, art and culture of India.

It’s a picture of an arcade in Dharavi, India. It looks like it’s just two King of Fighters cabinets in a storage shed.

I would hate to be in the arcade and have some big kid shut the door.:shake:

wow yeah, that would hella suck if someone closed that on me. shit would get hot fast.

You’re looking at the evo2k9 GG:AC finals.

I used to see stuff like this all the time 10 years ago. Now I miss it :frowning:

Aw man that is hilariously sad.


Are there any more?

That is one weird hybrid of American bat sticks and Japanese ball sticks

lol the high scores of the KoF '97 shows it’s some bootleg where Orochi (the last boss) can be used. awesome

The only arcade my town ever had, was full of jocks. Nuff said, our loved games attract bad people to them…

fatality! :rofl:

closet gamers

I’ve played on sticks like those before. They suck, to put it lightly. But even on those shitty sticks I bet some of those players are pretty damn good.


Top scores all same characters.

well i dont know where you’re from, but yeah around 13 or 14 years ago you’d have some sort of machine EVERYWHERE, from cab offices chip shops newsagents, also you had your dingy small arcades full of rudeboys playing by there bizzare rules “NAH MAN NAH MAN NO THROWS BLUD”
" BLATENT SKANKS!" " YO ALLOW ME A ROUND" No AC no Sanwa no daigos no internet champs just a people that loved streetfighter and games in general, great days.

those sticks are not that bad actually, i’ve used alot worse, the only this wrong with that machine is that SHOCKING colour scheme

The picture made me smile and laugh and I don’t know why. Those sticks look too serious.

I’d be happy if we had one of those around here, mad kids would line up to play I bet.

Ya those sticks are weird. They have the same type of arcade cabinets in Pakistan.

This is a picture of two guys playing KOF '97 in an arcade in Murree, Pakistan.

I assume the guys from Cyberfanatix play on the same bubblegum looking sticks and still manage to play beastly. Also they play with CRAZY button configuration like.


No I don’t have any more and ya it’s sad but to them it’s probably the coolest place ever. I doubt they get to play many video games besides what’s in that hole.

Stop hatin Zero:arazz:

Future beasts!:rock:

Hell yeah,
That’s shows how the fighting scene has a global influence…