I used dirty underpants to clean up spilled beer 2 minutes ago

Do you believe that it is counter-productive and unsanitary to do such a thing?

I just clicked on a BeGuiled thread…

I use your moms tongue to clean off my dingle berries before she tucks you in and kisses you good night.

How is that for sanitary?

Spilled beer is still good within a 8 minute span.

You still have time, twist the underpants above your mouth and consume, don’t let it go to waste.


I have seen a lot worse than that.

Those shit stains aren’t gonna clean itself…

You again?

Not at all.

But it is wasteful of you not to wring out the underwear and drink the beer.

Get on it.

How did the beer spill?

Also, your mom lets you drink beer now?

Why do you want herpes to replace your dingle berries, angelpalm?

So my asshole can look like SoViets lips?

Upper lips or lower ones?

Oh, wait…

They match.

My bad.

What a waste… just dick-drink it. Reverse-piss it.

it Depends.

I think it Massengills.

He asked if it was counter-productive and unsanitary to douche such a thing, right?

Better than cum.

Were you wearing them when you wiped it up?