I usually wiep my sh!thole with Japanese people's faces!

Guess what,

I usually clean my shithole with Japanese people’s faces!

Every time I remove excrements from my shithole, I remove it with Japanese people’s faces instead of removing it with toilet papers.

Since toilet papers are so expensive nowaday, instead of wasting money on toilet papers, I utilize it with Japanese people’s faces.

After I wipe my sh1thole with Japanese people’s faces, I flush them down in the toilet bowl. When I flush Japaneses, they bark so madly and so stupidly with their ugly faces.

So far, I flushed 2,521,192 of Japanes in the toilet bowls.

I clean my shithole with Japaneses people’s faces because Japaneses people are much better tools than toilet papers.

I also clean toilet bowls and toilet floor with Japanese people’s faces when neccessary.

PS: Since Japaneses are the ugliest creatures in this planet, they look absolutely much better with excrements blended on their faces rather than nothing on them. I simply help them look better before they get flushed in the toilet bowls.

Anyways, I saved a lot of money cleaning my shithole with Japanese people’s faces!

cool story bro

The only thing that’s a little bit funny about this thread is the ad on the left side that searches for keywords in the thread and shows a relevent ad, this time it’s about an organic toilet. The best one is the Asian mail order bride ad when I view the relationship thread.

Please delete this thread.

Delete this thread

It has no place on this forum.

wow racist and how I’m not surprise of an idiot like this to post something so negative…

Subscribing to this thread irl

I bet you joined just to post that didn’t you. Enjoy your ban.

Where’s the “op sucks ballz?” Strange.

west is off his game today ^