"I walk the path of a true warrior" Critique my Ryu thread



Hey guys.Thought it would be a good idea to make this thread so people can post up their own replays and have the other Ryu players here can tell them how to get better.Also feel free to organize sets with other players here. If a Mod can sticky this it would be much appreciated.

Why do i suck? Criticize, my Ryu!

Right guys, here are a few vids I uploaded onto youtube of a few ryu mirror matches with swedish ryu. The matches are a little old (pre AE). I wanted to put them out there so you could tear my ryu apart. I was using U2 at the time also. I captured the vids through iphone so quality is not brill either:





There are a few more matches from the set on my channel. I’ve not had a chance to upload any new vids but I’m doing quite well in AE with my ryu.


Well your Ryu looks pretty good,overall you jumped too much though.


thx for checking out the vids. I’m trying to stay grounded much more and only jump if I’m trying to bait a reversal/mixup. One thing I noticed when I watched the vids (especially the last one) was how little I throw tech’d. I got thrown soo many times that it got :xeye:. Also, when the opposing ryu was focus baiting, I’d feel the urge to jump for some reason rather than just tatsuing. I’m sure if I tatsu’d him a few times he’d stop abusing the focus but because I didnt, he just kept on doing it.


I just watched the first vid but here’s a few things I picked up:

  • After your safe empty jump at 23s, you blocked high. I don’t know if you were doing OS block throw, but crouch tech block xx jab OS sweep is generally safer.

  • At 34s, basically anything would have been damaging enough to kill him provided you landed it, so you should have been focusing on doing something that would have built the most meter. That would either have been a few whiffed lp DPs before the FA, or a jump-in combo ending in tatsu, DP. I don’t remember what the best option was in Super though.

  • 57s, the j.mk gave you enough meter to FADC the fireball into a bigger combo, or a sweep. The jump-in you attempted afterwards was questionable.

  • 1m04s, risky EX Hadou after a teched throw from both players. Maybe it was because you read it because of previous matches, but fireball after teched throw is one of the most predictable times to throw an FB

  • You did a few risky random tatsus. Also may have been reads based on previous matches though.

Other than this, a few execution errors, and 1 or 2 cases where you misjudged the range of your normals, I didn’t see anything really that made me wanna rage lol.


thanks for the analysis.


I wish this thread would come alive, I love watching players of all skill levels and hearing what they can do to improve their game, because that’s how I improve the most. I watch a lot of videos of top end Ryu’s like Valle, Air, etc but its hard to understand why they do what they do a lot of the time without a vast knowledge of the game(like throwing out a lot of crouching strong’s with one match up and then doing something completely different with another match up…AND THEN doing something different with THE SAME MATCH UP but playing a different person with a different play style or skill level)… It’s almost pointless for a beginner to watch those kind of matches, because even though the beginner can see what they do and don’t do(like not doing wake up dp’s every knockdown, or hardly ever jumping in on the opponent) they don’t understand WHY they do it. If you could see the pros and cons of the actions of ryu players on a variety of skill levels as well as hear input from others, you would learn a lot faster why stuff would work or not work on your opponent based on things such as their character choice, overall skill level, good or bad habits, etc…SO POST EM UP.


Yeah I wish it would too.No one has been using it they have been making new threads ect…I’ll post some of mine here of me getting destroyed by jewelman.

[INDENT=1]Hey guys I figured I would post these matches agains jewel man I had last night,He destroys me pretty hard but oh well.I enjoyed it.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]First match is at 11:15,second round he destroys me with a ton of oicho throws :([/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Second match at 19:48,dont know how to stop buttslams on my wakeup so first round is bad.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Third match at 33:40,got destroyed :([/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]Fourth match at around 46:30 or so,got destroyed again.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]So seeing this just confirms that I have so much more room for improvement,I feel as though I know my character well and my Ryu is good,but not good enough for my liking.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Edit:Hopefully I will be able to post my matches against Alex Valle.[/INDENT]


Hey Zombie, actually got to watch you play a few last night against Aqua Silk, one agaisnt a Rose player,(showed me how important it is to understand match ups lol) and saw your first match with Valle before I hit the bed. The one match with Valle I did see you definitely weren’t a push over, which I would say is a huge accomplishment of its own. I would also assume your pretty comfortable with the mirror match because you looked pretty solid based on what I got to see. As for aqua silk’s gief… there were a couple of rounds and at least one entire match you should of won, but kept whiffing either a mp or hp srk(Would say I saw it happen around 3-4 times) and he would always punish the shit out of it. By all means, I am no pro Ryu player, nor would I even call myself a good Ryu player, but I couldn’t understand the purpose of those srks for the life of me… Were you trying to punish something or were they truly just random?


Idk i would have to see them again.If they were on wakeup I was probably just trying to catch him trying something when I shouldnt have. lol
I will probably try to upload my matches against valle on here tonight.


Here is my first fight with Alex Valle,I will be posting up two more but youtube wont let me upload videos at the moment.Sorry for the quality being bad.Recorded it with my laptop lol.


Here is your match in high quality. (ZOMBIEGUTS TZA vs Alex Valle)

Fast forward to 1:46:10


okay thanks man.Second and third matches here as well.

Second match is at 6:20
Third match is at 43:45


I troll a lot on PJs zombie, but if you want we can play a serious set sometime - your ryu has a lot of potential =)


lol Thanks man :smiley: I would like to play you seriously some time for sure.You want me to add you on XBL?


I pretty much got bodied, I’m not that familiar with the honda matchup. I should have done more focus attacks though to beat wake up pressure sumo splash and mid range sumo splash.


You did well though,really well.Much better than I did against him.Nice job.


Yo solid, thats the first time I’ve seen you ryu in action and it was exceptional. You didnt get bodied by Jewelman, they were close matches. I heard the commentators saying you’d beaten PR Balrog and some other good players to get to the final with Jewelman. I didnt watch all of it. What was the result overall between You and Jewelman? You caught with Honda’s Control grab a few times, but I cant remember you getting bodied.

Didnt realise you had such a good ryu.


Lol I actually didn’t beat pr rog, but I beat the guy that beat PR rog lol. I was in winners bracket and the first set went down to the last round then I lost 3-0 after. His wake up mixups got harder to deal with after and I think that’s what really killed me. However I did notice he was using sumo splash a lot when I was knocked down, but I didn’t fa it till the last game.



Alright I don’t wanna start my own thread… but I literally got my face smashed in by this Bison. (i need some serious bison training) Its like he could smell my weakness and pounced on it like a lion! But umm… yeah I guess I would like to know what you pro Ryus would do in this situation.

(on the plus side I got a new phone today so the quality is better)