I wanna be sako, pls halp!

No, seriously.

I’m trying to get my punishes on point, but I am having some trouble with a very specific punish.

c.mk, lk wheel kick xx FADC xx c.lp, st.cl.hp …

I’m having trouble timing the dash after the FADC to make sure I can get the c.lp out in time to link into the close, standing HP. Anyone have any tips for getting that down that may make this execution grind a little bit easier?

Theres nothing new, the best you can do is to use plink. In c.LP’s case you may to mod your controller in order to use the back button to plink it.

Are you saying you’re not dashing quickly enough, making it impossible to link the c.lp? If you don’t already, buffer the dash input. Hit forward once before you press focus, then once right after you focus. He’ll dash out immediately.

Step 1) Accept you’ll never be Sako
Step 2) Weep.
Step 3) Do average combos and be content… like me sniffle

I’d rather defeat Sako…but that’s just me.

Could you settle for Chris G?