I wanna be the guy - evo2k12

Come on wizard, lets make this happen! IWBTG needs a side booth with a “reaction cam” to record players as they try and play this game at EVO2k12 with highlight reels of top players trying their hand at it. Maybe Kayin Nasaki can even design a special “evo 2k12” stage

extreme mode only tho

id rather play Uno, no one can beat me at uno[media=youtube]Ztte9ij8wgA[/media]

How about Meatboy? It’s not filled with gimmicks like IWBTG

Lawls…these noobs think IWTBG will gather views on the Evo Stream.
Hahahaha…these pups think Wizard reads GD.

So how many of you guys were watching the floe stream tonight? Any? wizard, pr_balrog, justin wong, fanatiq all showed up at various points. By the time floe stopped streaming IWBTG he had gotten over 700viewers.

Hell the official Capcom stream where Ono had trolled everyone into thinking there was going to be a major reveal of a new game mechanic for SFxT had only 2300 at its highest. I’d say 700 at 4AM PST streaming a silly game for fun is surprisingly good all things considered and would be a nice little side feature for EVO.

Sad times we are in.

Floe is pretty popular. He could probably stream himself taking a dump and get 700 viewers.

That game’s a piece of shit. There’s no “skill” involved, just memorization.

But yes please, I’m sure all the top players will be lining up for this one.

What the fuck is IWTBG?

Sadly, I think a game revolving around stupid leet execution mechanics like that found in games like that could be really good. Marvel 2 (TWO!) is something really, really close, but take it a bit further and give balance no thought whatsoever and you’ll have a really clever trolly game.

Who am I kidding? You can only get mechanics like that by TRYING to make a balanced game. :rofl:

But I am serious about a completely unforgiving competitive game. Sure everything can become chess once you get down to it, but I"ve yet to see a game that’s just all about how well you handle what you’ve been given in a completely one-sided environment. And what you’ve been given is so gor-tier broken if only you can get a chance to use it. Once chance. Don’t miss it. :tup:

It’s no fun to watch unless the player gets got.

Why is this here?

It was Floe comedy gold!