I wanna create my own game

Ive got a comprehensive idea for a new game and need to network. Im from the bay area cali, who on this site knows anyone who wants to help or point me in the right direction?

HEY man if you are looking for partners ive got great story ideas for games wanna hear me out?

its a non fg…although i do have some fg ideas…

im from cali bay area and need to meet some folks from any bay area companies that wanna hear a solid fuckin idea

Hi takinflight,

My name is deadfrog.

I have a lot of proficiency with object-oriented programming, 3D graphics modelling and animation, and physics simulation software. I hope that doesn’t sound too bold or full of myself, but I think it would be doing a disservice to myself and those around me if I didn’t honestly accept or acknowledge my level of ability with these things. So that is basically my skill set. I just graduated from a six-year program at a technical institute where I specialized in video game creation. It gave me a LOT of practice (I am quite good now) but I don’t have any experience creating an actual game yet and I’d be really excited to try.

The problem is I don’t really have any great or unique ideas of my own. I guess I’m just not really that creative or good at making stuff up. I guess what I’ve been hoping to find here is someone who has a vision and is really passionate about a project that I can sort of just get behind and help build to fruition. I really want to play a part in the creation of a true video games masterpiece. Something that would really stand the test of time. You know, the kind of game where people will look back years later and say “That game was incredible.” I guess you could say that I want to be a vessel through which someone with an amazing plan can realize his or her dreams.

I am very dedicated and a really hard worker. If you could share some of your design ideas with me, I am strongly interested in applying for your team.

Did you want me to link you to my résumé or anything? I am confident that the skills I have to offer could be a real asset to your goal.

I have some friends from the same technical institute who are sort of in the same boat as me. I could mention your project to them too, if you want. We’re not looking to get paid, of course, we would just really enjoy volunteering our time and efforts. Money isn’t really an issue for any of us because we didn’t need to take out any student loans and the school gave us bursaries for graduating.

there should be a single thread for guys who want to make games, maybe you can all network and create something.

My advice to you and everyone else thinking about creating a game is to create a 10min+ animation showing exactly how you’d like it to look and operate.

BC youre seriously too far…shit ! sounds like youve got awesome technical knowledge right where i need it…

do you ever come to cali? concept is definitely orignal maybe we should talk sometime because there will be modeling involved im sure and of course GUI shit i have no idea of how to create.

im an avid gamer , artist, producer , conceptual thinker

post of the year candidate???


even if i don’t get a cent for putting in any kind of help, it’d be nice to mold games and get the experience

I don’t know anything about getting venture capitol or hiring an engineer, but I do know there is one person in the norcal tekken community who has been or is still working on a game. I can try to contact him on facebook for you if you’re interested. Just please send me a PM.