I wanna do a 2D FG but I'm only a 3D modeler and 2D artist

Ok guys, like some of you, I always wanted to do my own 2DFG.

I have trained into drawing and pixel art.
I can do stuff like this:


But, the problem is that is too time expensive for just one guy.
I still love Pixel art, I really love it. But I think in the end traditional 2D ilustrations in photoshop are better in terms of time vs quality than pixel art. Pixel art is pointless in 1080p.

So, I just have one idea, to ask in internet for help, mainly for 2D artist who will use my 3D render as base to do an sprite, or if you can’t, still use my 3D render as 2D sprite and forget about SNK way.

More of my art:



BTW, this is my 3D skill, but is a WIP screenshot of the Alucard I showed before.


Ok, but what is your idea?

Basically, I want to explore the idea behind characters such as Mio (EFZ) and Maylee (KOF) as SNK try to do in LastBlade and SSIV.

The idea is to have diferent characters which work together as one “body” (one example could be Orochi Warriors 5).
Therefore each character will play and be designed to be extremely good at his style (Rushdown, Turtle, Trap, Runaway).

But, but…
Here’s the catch:
The game will only have one character, just one character in the select screen, mirror matches all the way.
But, but, this character will be composed of four diferent characters:

  • Happy bouncing (Kof style): Will be based on 100% rushdown, guard breakers, 2002 Max mode combos, chip damage, kof jump system.
  • Happy Turtle (SF style): Will be based on 100% turtle and defensive zoning, guard escape, guard counter, roll, combo breaker, parry.
  • Happy aereal dash (animu style): Will be based on 100% space control, traps and speed movement, aereal dash, ABC combo, launcher, wire counter, double jump, asists.
  • Happy flying (Touhou style): Will be based on touhou and smash style, 100% fly and rushdown style, no guard, 100% hadouken spam, items, cards and final destination.

Don’t know about one character though, maybe you can choose a 4 character team of these 4 categories, like kof 2001.

I thought the first art of Athena was a cosplay at first glance. Pretty cool.

Ok, what about the inputs?

I would like to try to mix Smash inputs with traditional SF inputs.

Well, I think of this way:
A+B+C = Normals, like any SF game.
D+E+F = Specials like Smash simple input.

But here’s the catch:
You could have traditional QCF, DP, to unlock Level 2 specials and normals.
Even EX-powers can be used which will mean Level 3 specials.
Finally Kof Supers can also be used to get Level 4 and 5 Supers.

What about the Story?
ok, i will only need a story about a character who has to fight a dark shadow (mirror match), why?, simple, a curse.
I don’t know about you, but making a FG with only one character give me more inspiration than having many characters.

In my idea you got 4 styles which means the same as 4 characters. If we have an EX-mode (SCWU) then we got 8 characters. If we need more we could have a second character, similar to Hisui and Kohaku in melty blood, which means 16 characters/styles.
I’m thinking of having just one button for this.

We could have two characters which will be Twins (diferent sex).

Right now my computer just die and I have to buy a new one (processor burn out because of a mistake). So I’ll have to use my cousin’s pc. But I’ll need to download a linux live cd with blender and gimp. Sorry.

I’m amazed how just one character FG is what I want to do, It’s inspiring.
BTW, if we make a couple of characters (Hisui and Kohaku) as mains… Why not more?
I mean, why not another character in the background as those in Kof 98 which can be used as combo breaker, spell invocator, item invocator, etc.
If we had that… why not 3 assist as Kof 2001 but having more specials as VP?
Each one of these new characters will be a new style.

I can’t tell if this is a serious thread or not.

You could try the SFIV approach(3D models, 2D gameplay). For developing the game, though, the first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the foundational stuff (the story, the system, characters, and so on), then you’ll either want to teach yourself how to program or find folks who like your stuff and know the programming end, so they can handle the load. After that, start developing the different assets, and work to put it all together into a coherent game. When that’s done, play test, play test, and play test some more until all the big kinks are worked out, and you have a product you’re ready to unleash on a community who gets better by finding the smallest possible things to exploit in an engine and exploit it until they win. Look at that MLP game, for a prime example for what you need to do when starting from step 0. Even with Fighter Maker 2000 doing a lot of the heavy programming lifting, they still had to teach themselves how to program to get the engine just so, and I suspect your path, should you stick it out, will be similar.

You need to learn how to animate. Or hire an animator. Being able to draw or render static models doesn’t mean anything.

You also need a programmer.

If you don’t have some kind of idea or proof of concept to show people first, no one will be interested in helping you.

how about some type of castlevania-type fighting game using the first image style.

Programming is pretty easy, currently I’m working on making my engine more user friendly by turning a lot of the tools into GUI based tools so no real programming is required unless you want something really unique.

Thing is about game making creating assets is like 90% of the work. Everything else can be done pretty quickly. There are a few fighting game engines out there right now where everything is GUI based you could try. Animating can be done how it was described in your other thread or through pure 2D. If you do pure 2D I highly recommend doing something like a silhouette drawing on your sprite sheet first or some other mapping technique.

I use Unity and 2DToolbox to help me and it’s pretty easy.

Looks really good for my first 2D fighting game i am going 2D HD Sprites.