I wanna get better, but im a little nervous


I know this may sound retarded at first. I have been playing casually at cvs and cvs2 for a few years now. I was just your basic shoto three hit combo kind of guy. LAtely ive really gotten into the game and wanna be awesome at it. I can get the combo into super stuff, such as a shoto c.forward into super fireball and stuff intraining. But when im playing with my friends it seems i can never quite get it right, my technique on my stick becomes shit at match time. Ive been watching the match vids and stuff and i feel my game has improved over the last month or two. Anyways i live in a small town in GA, and we dont have an arcade with a cvs2 machine. Theres one in dothan AL about an hour and a half away, thats listed on the arcade section of this site. Anyways im nervous about playing these guys because i know ill get pwned hardcore. I know the only way to get better is to lose to superior fighters, but i dont wanna embaress myself. I guess what im asking is there any type of training i can do to improve my game solo or just by playing my friends ( who are all pretty much scrubs btw) I play with N-Iori,Morrigan,Hibiki just like buk and id love to be anywhere near his skill level…Any advice?


if u can’t get the c.forward to super, maybe your muscles are too tense when u do the motions, go softer.


In your team, Iori and Morrigan are more ‘advanced’ characters. I don’t know whether you know the fundamentals well or not, but if you don’t, you might want to pick a few more basic characters first to learn the game engine. Ryu, Cammy, Sagat, Vega are some characters that are good to start off with.


I am sorry, but you are going to have to be embarassed… Seriously ask ANY of the best players around, including me. I just started really getting into the street fighter scene around 2 years ago. When I first started, LITERALLY, I had trouble throwing fireballs, and could NEVER do a dragon… I would spaz like a mother fucker, hence my signature, is literally how I would play. But, I stuck with it, taking my losses. With each loss I examined tricks and playstyles used to beat me, so I learned. Now I am win CvS2 tournaments, that is all that needs to be said, it just takes practice.


MZ I noticed you lived in NC, are you going to the Colombia SC tourney? I might be. As for Nippon where do you live in GA, becuase there’s a CvS2 Machine in Gwinnett, and that’s where I usually am. If you wanna get better PRACTICE that’s all you can do if you can’t fight real people. Watch top player’s recent vids and mimic what they do. Find out shit about the game. Learn tiers, RC, advanced links, good pokes, vs. char strats. Also read James Chen’s system guide at gfaqs, even though its outdated it still has good stuff in it you need to know. Oh and practice. Don’t be afraid to get beaten becuase it happens to everybody. And you learn more from losses then wins, fix what you did and improve.


No I absolutely hate playing on console… BUT, I will be at the Charlotte Major on Jan.24 you need to head out there, should be big again…


Thanks for the advice guys. I live in Albany , Ga. Its about 3 hours S of atl. The tilt is a listed tourny arcade and its located in Dothan , Al. Thats only about an hour and a half from here so i guess first thing tommorow morning ill be heading over there. Im serious about this guys. Im not real young, im 26. I dont have and dont need a job until like feb of next year so i have a LOT of free time to devote to a hobby of my choosing. Id really like to do whatever it takes to be in the atl and dothan tournies and acually compete and not just be fodder.


Do what I did when I was a big Tekken Player. Take a combo basic or not and practice it, keep doing the same combo until you can get it 10 times in a row without messing up. I know that may sound trivial but its not, for one it imputs the combo into your head so its like second nature, and you get the muscles in your hand used to doing the combo so your execution becomes much much better. Doesnt sound like much but it can make a big difference in your gameplay and confidence. Its slightly annoying to do that yes but effective if your really serious about it.


yes the begin is the hard part, i remember i couldnt link for shit still cant with some =/ but after i got it 5 out of 10 times, i knew it wasnt impossible… its the first time u got to do it… first i was twirling the stick ten times and press punch to get a 360 out =/ i dont wanna say i can do it with my eyes closed, but i can do a walk-up 260 with ease now, 720 is a bit harder, its all about the fundamentals man, try with chunli: c.lp, c.lp, c.mp, qcfx2+k

once u get that 10 out of 10, ur actually pretty far in ur execution just an example


Something else to consider, listen to people advice always do, BUT weed out what doesnt apply and or work for you. I to often have listened to other peoples advice on certain characters and it made my gameplay worse. Always try to impliment new things but only keep what works for you and what your comfortable with. Just because its a good tactic for someone else doesnt mean it will apply to you. This is something that I think alot of people forget. Learn about your characters take what works for you and dumb the rest.


where can i find the listed cvs2 machines in different cities?


Go to whatever regional section your city is in on srk, and im guessing thats not Vancouver Washington your talking about on your location. Ask in there and they will be able to tell you.


JChen’s guide isn’t outdated…

Facts about the game are still facts. You get three stocks in N-groove, press down, up and you’ll do a super jump, etc…