I wanna know Norcal Arcade/SF4 Hotspots

I’m in a hurry so i just posted here…(you can bash me if this thread already exists)

I just moved to Daly City not too long ago and looking for SF4 players to practice with (or maybe we can all be friends in the process). I don’t know anyone here except my cousins lol.

Please send me a message here if you guys wanna get in touch.

FYI, No Homo and I’m not a creeper lol.

Check regional matchmaking.


thanks. man. i didnt have time to look for it the other day.

Hrmmm, the nearest arcade that has SFIV I can think of around Daly City is the Golfland Sunsplash located in Sunnyvale. That’s about a 45min drive to the GL if you are up to the drive.

I know that Filipino Champ and his posse lives somewhere around the Bay Area (at least I think so), and just check around the local area and see if people are intrested in SF.

Regional Matchmaking here on the forums is also a good area to find people around you to play.

Also, enjoy Daly City.

SFSU is your closest bet if you live in Daly City… it’s the next city over and a 10 minute drive.
Really, check the Pacific North thread posted above.

San Mateo and San Jose gets to be a 30 to 45 minute drive from DC.

There are some local places to play once you start meeting people. Welcome to DC.

Thanks guys ill def look up those places. ive seen SFSU while i was doing errands the past couple of days. I havent been out much yet. just got here last saturday. But i will be checking places out soon.