I wanna learn 3s! -regency request-

before I ask my request, if i want to get into 3s seriously, is it too late?

I know that the 3s scene is dead at regency but its the only arcade I have any access to…

I was wondering if I could get matches set up in the coming weeks with 3s players. I’ve been extremely casual up till now (with all SF games unfortunately) and i really want to get competitive with games like 3s, ST and especially IV.

Also the day that street fighter IV comes out i plan to practice that game on ps3 so… if anybody that has experience with ST or IV wants to play a couple rounds with me online… that would be alot of help too. my psn is Thezombiedeviant

thank you

Fuck you

(Lovepigs garage)

denjin is the place for 3s

Second the Denjin motion. If you have a day off, spend the whole day there to make the drive worth it since you’re in the long beach area. There’s usually people to play on the 3s cabinets all day. If you have the initiative, work on pushing for tournaments or reviving the scene in your area?

562 NICE

my garage seems open lol

and we got the resident DANDER

he will gladly yell at you, call you a scrub, or a turtle with glee

hit me up tho

if your serious

i’ll play 3s with you at regency but im also starting to get into the game …

People to talk to Dander, Ray Ramos, Sanchez.

Suggestions–Go out and play at Joe’s house. Keep playing. Fuck going to RFC.

I agree… the RFC 3s scene died a while back anyhow, if i had a way transportation id go to joe’s house or denjin

Sanchez - pass dat Alex dvd boss :bgrin::tup:

joe’s house = piglove’s garage?

Anywhere local that has good comp, I’ll go.

and LBC, I bet we both could probably take buses to his place.

play me i got sick mind games like

c.mk, sbk walk up throw


so gdlk

^^On bus would be a bitch, trust me

This is what you can expect to learn from the resident RFC 3s players:

Lenin: Will teach you how to mash things randomly and complain about turtles.

Ramos: Will teach you the art of dash in supers and throwing up in other people’s cars.

Sanchez: Will teach you how to yell at people and how no mixup is the best mixup.

If you’re Mexican, you should play Akuma. Everything you do will be unblockable. Ask Hawaii and the U.K. if you want a reference.

I’ll seriously try to teach what I know regardless of what this whiny disoriented scrub tells you. I am Lenin and the resident regency 3s enthusiast. I show up to regency often but see no one on the machine so I play marvel. I am trying to host console at my place (bellflower) but no one seems to believe me. Hit me up via pm( I check it often) and we’ll arrange something. I plan on playing sf4 now that it is console and can practice on pad if need be, I am not a good sf4 player at all but I learn quickly and won’t rely on ultraing through fireballs to win every single time.

If anything I’ll be on aim right now and will try to add you. With us though you’ll learn how to attack and how to attack well, if you’re not hell bent on attacking the entire round and would rather run away all day, learn from bebop here.

Oh and beofre I go. NOOOOOOOOb.

waits for shitstorm lolol

ps. We might arrange a few denjin outings in the coming weeks but not too often because it’s just too far. A lot of the denjin players live near there so talk about it like the trip is nothing but we’ poor mexicans know better. It is a good place to play and learn but it’s not necessary that you go there as often as they do. Trust me. I rape many a denjin player when I head over. Ask pherai.



Hey noob
Teach me dudley
And lmk about denjin
Ill head over tomorrow

lenin is just a troll and playing 3s with him is only good for a laugh. you could probably teach him more than he could teach you. he needs to go back to mexico

all are very good points. I think you’ve convinced me otherwise too. :lovin:


where is piglove