I wanna play lots of sfxt

i live in anaheim ca and want to find tournaments and gatherings in my area to play i get tired of beating my friends who arent addicted to the game like me and the computer is just not as fun -_- lol so please please please let me know what and where shit is going down in my area. too fuckin poor for internet so xboxlive is out the question =[ aha

This is AWESOME.

I want this thread’s title to be the golden standard by which we judge all future thread titles.

Lol thanks bro

I’m running a tournament t this Saturday at Alex’s Arcade for a variety of games, including SFxT, I’ll link you to the thread.

Wednesday Night, the LevelUp guys hold tournaments for both SF4 and SFxT, $10 entry.

We have Thursday night casuals for SFxT at Alex’s Arcade, located in the city of Santa Ana. Just google the arcade name and you’ll get the address. $3/hour on Thursday night, $7 lets you play all night long starting from 7pm until closing. We’re having it tonight, so come on down if you can.

Friday night, Super Arcade in Walnut, CAcharges you $5 for the whole night to play a variety of games on consoles. Including SC5, SFxT, Marvel, SF4.

No shortage of events happening in socal, just check out more of the ‘tournaments and events’ section as well as ‘pacific south’ section for all details.

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