I wanna record some matches

I got a laptop and I want to record some match vids from my TV. how?:confused:

the best thing to do would be to get a usb video capture device for your laptop. then once that is installed, run an AV cable from your TV/VCR Out to the capture device. that will send video and audio from the TV or VCR(some TVs dont have an OUT port, so you might need to use a VCR) to the capture device on your computer. then just use the software that the capture device came with to record the footage. OR if you have a digital video camera just point it at the TV and record with that.

Got any USB VC suggestions? They looking kinda pricey…:confused: Yeah I have a small digital camera also.Is there a way to hook that up to the TV and record? I want direct feed not far way.

Would the AV cable to camera work the same way? I dont rly like the lines that scroll across the screen when you record like that.


thats the one that i bought and used to record from my ps2. it works great and there are no lines or any kind of visual degrading.

get a crappy DVD recorder and record to DVD

then use virtuadubmod to rip them and then edit as you wish.