I wanna start a RANBAT system for A3 and KOF02 would anyone be interested

Yes as the title says I wanna start a ranking battle system for A3 and KOF 02. Actually I’ve been wanting to for awhile just never gotted a good timing to do it but now I do!

Only problem for me is, what days would you guys be willing to participate this on and times.

I have work till around 7p.m. PST on Mondays,Thursdays,Fridays and get off around 2-4ish PST on the weekends. So the best days for me to run a tourney would be Saturdays, Sundays, or Tuesdays.

The only things mandatory for this tourney would be using mame32K ver.0.64 and telling me who you normally play with alot in either A3 or KOF2k2. The reason I ask for that so in the weekly tournaments I wouldn’t have to pair you up with your training buddies in the first round or so. Now as for server, it don’t matter to me but I wanna hear your guys’ choice on the server you feel best would work for the RANBAT system. Don’t worry though about the points, scores, systems, ect. yet for the ranbat yet, right now I wanna see if people would be interested to participate on this or not.

I don’t think you will be able to get enough people for this, especially kof2k2 (from this site anyway).

Saturday night is simply not possible. The vast majority of players have something better to do.

If it’s a Sunday I think it probably works best for everyone. Sunday night around 9:00pm EST.

Sure I wouldn’t mind doing that but the Ranbats for ST are around that day and time too if I’m correct. I’ll try to arrange something with RD for both our tournies that would work and not interfere with the ST players.

Sunday is the start of the week, and leads up to Monday, which is the start of the work week. If there has been a great success with Kal on Sunday, then disregard this post.

How about Friday? or is that interfering with anything?

Nah Friday wouldn’t interefer with anything it just I’d be home around 11ish Eastcoast time. If you guys wanna have the ranbats at midnight Eastcoast time and 9 P.M. PST that’s fine by me but I wouldn’t be able to run them any more earlier then that on a weekday that I have work.

I’d be interested in the a3. I’d do the VS one that GB does, but Thursday night isn’t good for me which is why I don’t participate in it so much. I prefer a Sun, but Sat is 2nd best…

The ST ranbats are done every Sunday night at 9:30 EST, so I would say do them on Saturday night. I’m not an Alpha 3 or KOF player but I’ll enter both anyway.

I’m only joining the kof2k2 one, if there is enough people for it with some reasonable comp.

im in for A3

and I wouldnt mind learning kof2k2 either.

Id be in for it all but itd have to be Sunday. Which would make the most sence. Friday and saturday are a no no, I always have sometin going on

Aight folks added a poll that ends a week from tomorrow.


let me help.

yeah it doesnt matter Im the best hahaha!
Il just consider myself the best until there is a ranban that can prove it!.
(and as long as buckfutter and kyokuji dont replay -_-)

I’m interested in both games. Date doesn’t bother me much.

And is the “you need to post the characters you play with” part going to be said in an IRC channel (or whatever system) or is it just getting ignored?

Do we have to stick to the same team? If so, my team in kof2002 will be Whip, Kim, Athena

I guess I’m playing in both tournaments just for fun so my Kof 2k2 team is Athena/May Lee/Mai. For Alpha 3 I’ll play as X-Ism Ryu.

Nah not at all, you can choose whoever you want in both games, but ALL BANNED characters for tournies will be banned on here as well.

If people really want to have the “one character through the whole tourney” rule then I’ll change it but for now, it’s not in effect.

Hey though if you guys can kind of spread the word around to other kaillera players. They don’t have to register to SRK but they do need to contact me on either aim or IRC.

BUMP!!! one more day before the vote ends people!

ahh damnit lmao, it’s a tie. Well then Jappo, could you re pick your day for sats or sundays, so we can finish this Tie breaker up and finally choose are day to run the ranbats plz.