I want a cable avatar

But I can’t find one. Can someone send me a resized avatar of cable to fit as my avatar?


any specifics besides having cable in it? color scheme and all?

I would like to see some too.

If it’s possible I want a gif of him doing hyperviper beam if not just anyone you have. Doesn’t matter

lol,i dont think u guys get it

he gonna make you one, there arent really ones that you can find and give away that isnt someone elses, usally a avatar is for one person someone made

just like i made my own avatar, which ThE CroW is offering to make you one

ok… I would want cable to do the hyper viper beam. Cables orignal costume is fine or black and white is cool too.

heh, thanks for explaining.

Viper: these were the only sprites I could find.

credit to the mvc2 chankra thread of course… I couldn’t find the ahvb sprite. lemme know which one you want to use.

hummm i remember there were only 2 of them posted,i guess i lost the other one somewhere, it had quality like the other cable sprites =[

thanks a million man, appreciate the help. were you planning on trying this as well?

yeah i guess ill try it aswell

here my try

man those effects are crazy…

Viperbeam: Don’t have to use these if you don’t want.

omfg thanks dudes you guys are the greatest!:slight_smile:

yeah i guess ill try it aswell

here my try


could i get that one if he’s not gonna use it?

sure i guess since he’s not using it