I want a evo shirt bad hit me up name your price

name your price ways to contact me

aim= N34L2K

myspace = myspace.com/n34lk

email= kennedydaniel@sbcglobal.net

need a large or x large or medium

and i will paypal u the cash

and not used

If you lied to your girlfriend about where you were this weekend, there are better ways to cover it up man. :rolleyes:

wtf hahahaa na i had to leave before finals and didnt get to register

ps my gf was with me at evo

How much you want. I have an XL, only one I got.

20 - 25 good?

and not used lol

ugh, i wanna buy one too

i prefer XXL but XL is ok

aim= rocket sneakers

email= charlieboom817@yahoo.com

i use paypal

name price

sorry if i hijacked your thread

anyone got a picture of the shirt used this year?

dam hella jack my thread rofl its all god as long as i get one if i dont i will steal your door mat

I would like one too after N34L and 3rd strike.

20-25$ w/shipping

M/L if pre-shrunk. If not pre-shrunk, L/XL

Immediate PayPal.

Not Used


how much for that chun li costume

trying to get this girl to do some roleplaying imho

lol still havent gotten one i will pay 30 bucks for one

check pm n34l