I want a Hori Real Arcade Pro

This is my first post.
I’m looking for Hori Real Arcade Pro for PS2. I’m searching but I can’t find nowhere.
Do you know where I can buy the Hori Real Arcade Pro for Playstation 2?

Thank you.

Uh oh. I feel a lock coming on. May want to read the stickies.

To actually help out, instead of troll though (before it gets locked) look on Ebay, or the Trading forum. Someone has a HRAP 2 listed there now, through Ebay.

Or, order a HRAP 2 SE ASAP from TRNG before they run out.

Thank you but what is TRNG?
(I looked on ebay befor posting)


Oops, sorry. Follow the link to this thread. It is for ordering a HRAP 2 SA (Sanwa Addition). Best you can get, without having to customize/mod out the buttons on a standard HRAP. TRNG is TheRealNeoGeo, a user on the forums who owns and runs a shop out of Japan.

Keep in mind, the HRAP 2 are a limited edition, so only a few were made. They also do not come out until April 17th, but will be well worth the wait and the money imho. Links to the thread, and TRNG’s online shop with status of HRAP 2 SA Pre-orders left.

At the moment, there are only 9 left.


Thank you again. I’ve keep in mind the HRAP SA but it’s quite expensive for me. The ebay auction it seems shipping to Spain is not available.

Excuse me, could you aks me what means “HRAP 2 SE ASAP from TRNG” you said in previous post?

Hori Real Arcade Pro is "HRAP"
SE is "Special Addition"
ASAP is "As soon as possible"
TRNG is “TheRealNeoGeo”

Sorry, the Air Force trained me to use acronyms whenever possible…lol?

Unfortunately, with how rare the HRAP 2’s are becoming, you will end up paying about the same to get a HRAP 2 and mod it, as you would just buying one straight up and ready to go with arcade quality parts, from TheRealNeoGeo at his shop.

They are becoming more and more rare every day. The one you are looking at on Ebay, the same person has sold 2 other ones in the last month, and both have gone for over $170 + shipping. Then having to buy buttons, you would have spent more money.

OK. Now I understund.

searching never hurts