I want be a respobsible Competitive player

Ive been playing competitive games a lot. Mainly fighters, finding out about a community devoted to these types of games was cool to know and I want to become more involve in this type of community. But I have a few obstacles to overcome.

Being a responsible player.

  • identifying my play style*
    I actually cant figure out my play style and I want to identify it so I can make solid choices and focus my knowledge of the game around that style.
    I know I’m a defensive player because Im not comfortable with just attack constantly, but I also know I’m not really a turtle type of player because I don’t like to stand to far away and wait on my opponent.

Tier whoring

I realize Im a player that favors the low tiers cast. I like them because usually low tier cast are much more difficult to learn and forces my work out of the player. I use them as tool to learn the game system and develop strategies. I like to be creative with my play style and low tiers cast usually excel in that department because they usually have limited tools that I can use in my own personal way.

Being a sore loser

Losing is not a problem for me but when encounter match ups that do have huge odds against me I do tend to be upset if I cant overcome these matches. I refuse to play counter pick in these situations but I do also put my self at disadvantages because of my character choices. I also hate to lose by over power/ superior characters ( top/god tiers)

Playing for fun

I haven’t quite figure out this out. I play these game because their fun. Admittedly I like to win but not all wins are satisfying to me. I’m only satisfy knowing I over came disadvantages and out performed my opponents. But this seem like a lie to my self because if I play incompetent players then I get bored.

If a game has a tiers gap too large for low/bottom tier to compete or the game has strict learning curve, I usually drop the game or don’t play them competitive seriously.

“Friends don’t let friends drink and mash.”

Play Responsibly TM

Well I remember when i fought you in kof and you had a very risky style…trying to predict what I’d do with fairly punishable moves.

I don’t know…if you’re at the level where you’re struggling to be good at a game, using a disadvantaged character can make it even more frustrating with you.

Don’t blame your losses on tiers too much…at your level the reason for losing probably has nothing to do with whether the opponent used a high or low tier characters.

If you want, we can play kof again and I’ll use Seth, Chin, Takuma and all those “low tier” characters. But honestly, it is important to realize that usually people saying they lose due to tiers is them being blind to the true reasons they are losing, which would probably be lack of familiarity with the matchups or just being outplayed in general.

“respobsible” is fun to say out loud :wonder:

ill always be around if you want to play efz

Focus on life outside of video games, and you will be this ‘responsible competitive player’ you speak of.

People with rude behavior both irl and online when it comes to games are usually people with not much going on in their lives other than playing games.