I want Evo change this, player vs player in a separate setup which both players in opposite sides,


My reason, for this is for a console tournament to have the most and to replicate the best arcade experience for players invested so many time and practice. To reward there efforts, no players should play against each other sitting next each other, by obvious reasons is that they can react to each other.


But… That’s how the original arcade experience was/is?

You’re making my head hurt…


I’ve had horrible experiences with salty players offline, they can get to your head and it messes up your concentration. Now I wear my headphones when I play against said players.


Want to see a change at Evo? Post in the Evo section next time. Derp.

Moving. :stuck_out_tongue:


whats next, playing on opposite sides of the stage?

wearing masks and sunglasses so they dont see where they are looking?

this shit is stupid IMO


CafeID shirt-walls for everone.


Good luck with the logistics of requiring lagless splitters and 2 monitors per station to make this a reality. It’s not logistically feasible.


only buster ass showcase setups, the worst arcade cabs

agree 100%, seems really bunk to me that SF majors don’t separate players, preferably h2h style, but eltrouble brings up a good point


When I played in arcades in the 90s, and when I play at home, at locals, and in pools today, it’s always on a single-monitor setup. That’s what we’re used to. That’s almost always how these games are played in the States. I’m not really sure why people (usually spectators, at that) clamor for a completely out-of-the-norm format for the main stage only.


Because dudes that play these other esports games are used to seeing this




Probably not the case for this topic but yeah.


That’s the norm in the US due to space and setup constraints, not because it’s the ideal competitive format. Of course, people are going to have varying opinions as to whether or not being able to see and hear your opponent’s movements is considered cheap or not. Some players just want all skill to be purely in the game, whereas some consider the ability to fake and read your opponent sitting next to you is considered another element of the meta-game.


If you complain about losing because you’re playing side-by-side like in the arcades then you’re a scrub


I really like that players are next to each other when they play.