I Want Feedback

Alright guys so I go to school for webdesign and I started a project and never finished it. However due to recent inspirations I want to get back to work on it. So i have a home page design and A couple of more. And i would love to hear back from you guys on what you think. If you cant tell from eh home page its basically “another fighting games site”. If things go good i plan to expand it into lets say like a tournament hosting site / the youtube of fighters. But for now I plan to just stick to the news/forum idea. So if you guys have any suggestions let me know. I also will be looking to find some volunteers to help me with the articles on tutorials. Will possibly pay in the future but for now really looking for volunteers. I made the home page from scratch on photoshop and its more than easy for me to add things to it so fire away.

Nykeiscool on deviantART < home page

Guide Page by ~Nykeiscool on deviantART << archive of guides page

Maybe you’d get better feedback with this thread in the Fan Art Gallery. A moderator can move it there if you ask politely and keep up the good work.