I want in...help me out!


Watching Twitch and of course EVO this weekend just really psyches me up. Simply put, I want in! I need some help though. Couple things the have made this hard. I live close to Poughkeepsie, NY which from what I can tell is the BLACK HOLE of fighting games. Arcades don’t exist outside of Chuck E Cheese (old news), and when I search for local casuals on here nothing is close. I would love to enter some tourneys and probably get smoked but I wouldn’t mind. BUT never went to one so I don’t how it all works. Of course I want to get better and play with like minded people. Eventually I’d like to run some kinda casual thing around here but being greener than grass that’s not my place yet.

Here’s the other problem, I’m 36. Well, it is a problem? I’ve been playing fighting games FOREVER, I cut my teeth on Atlantic City boardwalk. Those are some of my best memories. My problem is that I’ve always been the “fighting game” guy in my circle friends. My boys play online all the time but I’m the only one rocking fighters. So basically I’m the best dude by far but that’s not saying much and how can I get better? Online has helped but I lose interest in a way cause there’s isn’t any interaction and no human element. I remember in College I rolled with some dudes heavy on Tekken 3 / TTT and that was awesome. I won a few college tourneys. Steel sharpens steel you know. Sorry for the long post. I got a lot more questions but if someone could point me in the right direction(s) that would be awesome.

I play on Xbox / XBONE. ULTRA SF4, Killer Instinct, TTT 2. Thank you!


Bump. Please help thank you


Check here for local tourneys/meetups in NY…I heard there is definitely a scene in NY.


Also…your age is not a problem. There are dudes in their 50’s that have competed at EVO.


Thanks Geese. I have post up there too. There is a heavy scene in NYC and western NY, but both aren’t practical for regular play… I’m in a dead zone! I guess I need to make one…


Welcome to SRK. If you’re looking for other players, please use either the online outlets section (for online) or regional matchmaking (for real life).

If you have gameplay questions, you’re welcome to post them up here at the newbie dojo.

Good luck.