I want my doa4 360 stick to work with Origainal Xbox

I want my doa4 360 stick to work with Origainal Xbox, just wonder if someone could give me a link to site that has an adapter so I can use doa4 360 stick on original xbox. Is it even possible??


No. Give up on this endeavor before you lose your sanity.

Wow thanks for the help guys :confused::confused::confused:

You’re welcome.

I remember way back somebody said that you could…

I already answered your initial question.

i think these guys are trying to say its not possible and that there is no adapter.

There is no adapter, but anything is possible. You’d have to wire up the xboix360 controller with 4-5 analog switch IC’s to duplicate a common ground setup, rip out all of the wiring so it also uses common grounds, and then wire a xbox controller inside the case side-by-side with the uber hacked 360 pcb, powering both at the same time no matter which one is plugged in.

It’s POSSIBLE. But I have no idea how you’d physically fit a xbox controller inside it along side the original. Best of luck, you’re gonna need it.

Ok thanks

I remember hearing something about having a modded xbox and you just swap the xbox360 break-away end with the original xbox. I forgot where I read that and I could be wrong.

Hope it at least points you in the right direction.

There are USB->Xbox adapters, but that solution will not work because you would need to obtain drivers for the DoA4 Stick that were written for the original Xbox. To my knowledge, no DOA4 stick Xbox drivers exist, but even if they did, you would still need a modded Xbox for your DoA4 stick to work.

Maybe if they dont make mvc2 BC with the 360 I’ll just buy a original xbox stick so I can get my mvc2 fix.

get a xbox controller S type, and hack it and put inside your Doa stick and problem solved, the bad thing it wont work for xbox360 anymore:sweat: