I want one of those "Im pregnant" avatars

I dont know if it can be done since im non-prem, but you can give it a shot. Basically I want it to be like this:

Chun-Li walks up to Ryu and goes “Im pregnant” then Ryu does his timeout lose pose and then does his Donkey Kick from 3s on her sending Chun down a flight of stairs.


theres Ryu’s donkey kick.


Chuns walk


chuns stance


Ryus stance


Ryus timeout loss pose.



IT LIVESSS :lovin:

:u::u: get some premium, buddy. i don’t see it happening in non-prem limits.

:rofl: stu.

.[not so ninja edit].

:d: thanks, sir. :china:

yo that av is fuckin sick

RC started this shit…

No idea what this thread’s about



Happy bday btw man :tup:

life sucks :frowning:

Damn, now I want one of those “I’m pregnant” AV’s.

yeah lemme get one with hugo and poison.

Man what the fuck lol

oh dayum too bad i aint premuim but to whoever made em…do one with zangief and
r.mika. NOW ! :mad:

with hugo as the pregnant:woot:

The Green Ranger one was still the best.


at the request of Vegett0, for anyone who wants it:

this is the first one i made for Monte, but he wants hugo to be the pregnant one. so, i’m working on that new one right now.

.[not so ninja edit].

and here is Monte’s:

Ronin made stairs popular, but my old team ho check av (Thanks Quiche!) predates his chun one.

The Evolution of the Stairs. :cool:

str[e]ak: Good shi’!

Lol vegett0’s is probly the funniest one out of them all! Good shit.