I want see Akuma's D+MK(air)'s Hitbox...And I download the SSF4 hitbox data



Akuma’s 254MB.But it just don’t have this…


Hitbox should be similar to demonflipkick.

Btw… it’s not a shame to use the “quick questions/quick answers” sticky… :wink:


What is this SSF4 hitbox data download you speak of and where can I find it?


On the main discussion forum there is a sticky for SSF4 hitbox data. Someone working for the devs released it in secret to help the community develope (there’s a rumour he got sacked for the breach). There’s a large torrent for videos that show the hitboxes for attacks, specials, throws etc for all 35 characters.

For some reason, Capcom felt strongly enough about it to start taking down youtube videos that people were putting up the images in.

You can get all of Akumas attack hitboxes compiled into one video via direct download link (much faster and more concentrated than the full torrent) here:


[add http before it. I left that off because the link simplification on SRK made it look like some kind of dubious malware]

It would be helpful to have video software that can process 60 frames per second and can move backward and forward between each frame, as trying to stop on a praticular frame of an attacks active hitbox or its start-up can be tricky to narrow it down to when you’re planning to hit 1/60 frames.

Here are some images to garner interest:

Akumas cr.HP

To explain what you’re looking at:

The full red box is what is used to hit their hurt box. The big green outline is the hittable area or hurt box (the part which would show up blue in HDR). It disappears when something is invincible. SSF4 is a bit different because the overwhelming majority of the hitboxes are shit. Tiny red boxes and big green boxes; so it all balances out, but in a different way. The full greenish box over Akumas body and head represents the pyshical space he occupies; this stops characters walking through each other, and for Akuma these boxes of his will disappear during teleport so he can pass through characters. The blue outline is the area that a throw has to connect with and the big-ass yellow-ish/green-ish box is the space that forces the opponent into a blocking animation during the attack instead of allowing them to walk back. The small dot beneath the character marks where they were standing when the attack began, since some attacks move the character forward or stretch and then retract.

Kens cr.MK

The green box outlines part of the attacking limb so that the hurtbox would be tougher/easier to reach with their hitbox, helping to make it a more/less useful poke. Check out Sagats for example:


Regarding the text: I’m not sure of the numbers on the left, but the numbers on the right supposedly specify the horizontal range of the attack.


Fat red box across the entire arm and good active frames for stuffing and trading with Yoga limbs and the like.

Akumas cr.MK

The images alone only tell part of the story. Though the difference in the ‘reach’ numbers between Akumas cr.MK and Ryu or Kens doesn’t seem very big, the in-game feel makes it more striking as do the extra active frames that the other cr.MKs have in making them more effective at poking.

As you can see though, Akumas is special in that the hurtbox is very reduced. Much lower than his ordinary crouching hurtbox and lower still than the other Shoto cr.MKs which makes it better-suited to defensive application like ducking under fireballs, Rog straights, Tiger Knees, cross-ups and jump attacks.


Side note for giggles. One might understand part of the reason Capcom didn’t want the data getting out:

Zangiefs Jab SPD

Makotos EX Grab

Kens Fierce SRK vs Jump-ins

Rufus Ultra II

and other absurdities to be found.


HOLE. E. CRAP! This is all kinds of awesome! I had no idea such a comprehensive reference was available. Thanks for sharing DevilKnight.

And yeah, Rufus Ultra II hitbox. Double-u, tee, eff.


I’ve never seen Rufus’ Ultra 2 hitbox until now. Yeah. That’s fuggin’ dumb.


You mean like avidemux?
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