I want SFxT But

I don’t want to support the practice of placing finished content on a disc and charging for it to be unlocked much later. I feel that buying the game sends the message that I’m okay with what Capcom has done here and I don’t want to do that.

But I still want this game!

What should I do?

simple, is the content w/o all the dlc fiasco worth $60 to you. if it is buy it, if it’s not then dont.

Just do what I did. Bought MvC3, when I heard UMvC3 was coming out 8-9 months later I passed. Doing the same thing with the DLC here, not buying a single one. The only one I care about is Bryan, but I will not support that. As much as I love fighting games, Capcom has taken greedy to a whole new level. Bought SFxT, enjoying the **** out of it. The way I looked at it is that at its current state, the game has enough content to warrant $60 and that will give me a ton of hours worth of playtime.

No new thread necessary. Thank you.
Official Ranting Thread

Capcom were always going to produce costumes that cost money. Putting them on the disc means you don’t have to download them even if you don’t buy them. It’s not a big deal.
Think about it regardless of it being on the disc or not. That really doesn’t matter.

It’s not the costumes I’m worried about, I whole-heartedly support that approach. What I don’t like is charging for characters, integral to the balance of the game, and doing it by putting those characters on the disc I already own and locking them so that they can charge me later.

I’m really trying to not rant here, I’m asking for advice. I want this game but I don’t want to support this marketing strategy.

Buy it used then.

Do you want to support Capcom as a business, or do you want them to disregard potential revenue in order to deliver the best game possible.

Remember that one ensures Capcom is more likely to keep making fighting games and receiving extra investment for development, the other runs the risk of the entire fighting game division going belly-up with one full-retail release not doing so well.

If you’re a poster here, it’s very likely you’ll get $60 worth of playtime out of the content you have access to. However, if the base game is not worth the money, then by all means don’t purchase it. No one wants you to waste your money.

Y’know, not only have I not thought of this myself I’ve actually been asking people I know in real life about it and they never suggested this either.

Well, aren’t I and everyone I know stupid! I will do this, thank you.