I want the ultimate cereal av

<FMJaguar> someone make me an avatar
<FMJaguar> of count chocula, frankenberry, and boo berry
<FMJaguar> like a cvs2 team
<FMJaguar> or mvc2
<FMJaguar> i want count on point
<sixtymhz> lol
<FMJaguar> frank assist B
<FMJaguar> and boo assist A
if it’s marvel

and don’t put my name on it i’ll do that.

Count Jaguar

Oh shit, FMJaguar is getting an AV :wow:

What games do you play on Live man?

right now st and 3s until i get more best buy dollars to get cvs2 again.

if i can find the pictures, i’ll make it. i have a good idea :tup:

edit - no good… it looks like shit…haha my idea sucked

I’ll try…damnit.


Threw this together real quick.