I want this SF2 keychain (mousou controller)


check out the vids


from the first link:
Here’s something for all those guys (and girls) who want to re-create the feeling of playing their favorite retro video games. The Mousou Controller is a key chain that looks like a mini console - and sounds like one too! Pressing the buttons is just like playing the real thing. Even the key combinations work in just the way you remember them. What’s more, you can choose your Street Fighter console depending on the characters you want to play.

This product is expected in stock on Saturday 20 March, 2010.

-Choose your Street Fighter II version: Ken, E Honda, Guile (blue); Ryu, Blanka, Sagat (red); Dhalsim, Balrog, Chun-Li (black)
-Size: 35 x 53 x 17mm (1.4 x 2.1 x 0.7")
-Weight: 30g

Although it would make a sucky keychain, unless the sounds don’t go off in your pocket, unless it has an on/off switch that isn’t easily accidentally activated.


What? $44?

I want one just for the look of it, not to play. I want one without sounds and shit.


The first link is selling multiple ones as a set for 44, which includes ones that are not SF2 related. The second link is selling each one for 18.


I found some sf4 ones



That is really cool. But $44 and shipping…No way. It cost more than Super Street Fighter 4


i have the ryu version of that one. its only fun for like… 20 minutes. and its way too bulky to keep in your pocket.


I’ve seen these things on Thinkgeek.com, too. Thinking of picking up the Chun-Li one sometime soon…


I have the Guile one. It’s pretty cool but the battery dies fast.