I want to ask if there is any way to change my PS2 arcade stick to work on PS3

As title mentioned,
I would like to use my PS2 arcade sticks on my PS3,
the reason for that is I spent a lot on those sticks and I don’t want to spent the same amount of money to buy another one.

I was using the PS2 to PS3 adapter before (before updated to v2.70), after the update, none of my sticks are working on my PS3 anymore.
That’s why I would like to know if anyone here kind enough to give me the method to make those sticks to be working on my PS3 again.
(if there are any adapters that are still working after the 2.70 update, that would be better)


Yes, check out this thread for a list of them. It has 2.7 compatibility info.

A user named Laugh has a thread in the Trading Outpost to sell inPin adapters and those work really well.

Thank you, I will try to contact him

I gotta vouch for laugh, he’s awesome. Great guy to deal with. The InPin converters are the best out there as far as I know.