I want to be a pupil

Hey all…so here’s the deal. I used to play SF II waaaay back. Last time I played any SF was on super nintendo. Back in what I consider the peak of SF gaming…you know you remember…when huge crowds would gather around the arcade and quarters would be lined up for positioning.

Anyhow I just got SF III 3S and I pretty much suck. The game speed, the timing, the general strategies seem a lot different. I’m trying to get back into it. Anyone interested in a pupil?

I know a lot of the SF “elite” community is rather arrogant so I expect a plethora of sarcastic responses. However if I can find one person interested it will be worth it for me. If you can teach someone you must be truelly great.

Anyway my email is zrcoupe@yahoo.com. If anyone is interested, hit me up. We could link up online sometime.

try the match locater to find someone closer to play with.
And don’t ever make intro threads again. Capece?

sensitive…I didn’t know there was a match maker…the whole capece thing was entirely unnnecessary…but whatever, assert yourself in what ever manner that makes you feel good about yourself.


all you need to know is

1.Ken is lame and over powered
2.play Chun li or ken to win tournys

what city do you live in?

yeah. :rofl:
watch match vids, find local competition, practice a bunch, watch thongboy’s video, and keep playing.

All you need to know is don’t listen to this guy. And don’t be so sensitive :wink:

I appreciate the feed back guys;-) I live in Philly. But I’ve been going online alot…my record is rather horrible…heh. Also i’ve noticed people making use of the dash a lot…not so much the parry. How important do you guys think parrying is? I’ve been practicing it a bit in the training mode…but it’s a lil hard to simulate actual combat.

There’s a philly thread in the matchmaking forum, go check it out and find out where people play.


Edit: To get good, watch match vids, lots and lots of match vids.

Edit: Here’s that Philly topic: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=123378

yeah i suck but you cant say ken isnt over powered =]

People make Characters overpowered
a Chun or Ken played by a scrub are low tiers

so yeah, even if you play thes chars you gotta a long way to go

play Yun :slight_smile:
I can show you how
read my guide on my sig

Yes I can. Ken isn’t overpowered. I beat Kens all the time.



Ken isn’t overpowered. Don’t listen to that retard.


Anyways, I’m sure there are those who meet up and have casuals from time to time out in philly, maybe the philly thread might have some help for you.

Have you ever fought a good one?

When i say over power i mean he recovers from attacks easy good damage not punishable. …hes Top Tier for a reason. and im not saying all ken players are gods

jeez start a flame war why dont you… idiot

I play against excellent ones. He’s top tier yes, but he’s not overpowered. Why is this even being brought up? :rolleyes:

I play really fucking good ones. However I don’t blame my losses on my character choice. If you accept that Ken will beat you, you will be beaten. The last thing I want is for new, up and coming 3s players to get this chump attitude that its not worth even trying to beat certain characters because they are overpowered or top tier.

Also notice how you accuse me of starting a flame war, but you are the first one to resort to name calling.

Play ken, hes has the overall best combos, and rarely punishable. Also, chun li has good pokes