I want to be great!

I’ve decided that I want to be good, I want to become great, but my goal is to become godlike! So this week, I got serious. I want to be able to compete in tournaments, have a good time, all that good stuff.

For now I’m practicing Street Fighter IV, what I would consider your basic fighting game. I main Sakura, yet I had substantial experience with Juri and El Fuerte. My greatest flaw as of now is getting caught in a corner and getting KOed by chip damage. A secondary problem I have is “clash damage” (I don’t know it’s proper term), when you and your opponent trade hits I suppose. I’m pretty good at dodging right now though.

Once I get decent at Street Fighter, I plan to take sometime to train in MvC3, since learning three characters could take a little more time than one.

A good friend of mine told me to sign up here, so that I can learn from others’ advice. I’m very basic on the terms, but I’ll do my best to learn. All the same, thanks for your time! c:

Keep that enthusiasm, shine on…you crazy diamond

Of course!

This week huh? Sounds like you are probably already there if you have been playing for a whole week…

Seriously though, it takes a lot of work, effort, understanding of the game, and dedication to become good. I’d suggest practicing as much as possible, going out to or starting a local scene often, frequenting character boards, and not giving up. And please don’t become one of those people who complains about your character as much as humanly possible.

A week is more than enough time if you understand the game, even less if you already know how to use your controller or stick well. I knew a person who complained about a character a lot, but that was several years ago, now I typically see him mastering at least half the roster or more in multilpe games, a bit quite but a friendly and overall great guy.

I really can’t understand why’d you complain about your character. They know they can pick whichever one they wanted, right? XD

I mean you are probably better than me then, but I have never heard of someone winning a decent level tournament on a week’s worth of practice. Maybe we just have different definitions of “Good”?

I feel the same way. In my opinion, if you ever lost and felt it was your character and not you then you should switch or develop a side character. Some people seem to use it as an excuse though.

Also, a really important thing you can do it level up fast is to record your matches and analyze your mistakes so you can work on your game. Video threads in SRK can really level you up too. You’d be surprised just how much you miss while playing, so going back and watching your own play is really important. Good luck, and if you want to practice you can friend me on Steam/XBL: bitbna

It’s easier to blame my character instead of fessing up to how awful I am :frowning:

Get your head band and Gi

I wanna train to be able to do the same. The main pitfall I’ve been hitting is finding time to play, once I can conquer that I’m game to see you and everyone else here at the top :D.
Good Luck on your journey! May our paths cross online or in a tournament!

Hi Dr.Q, glad you signed up! Welcome to SRK. Time to get GOOD! XD

Btw, that ‘clash damage’ thing is called trading.

No I do not have a choice. I have been playing Ken since '92. I must always play Ken.

Yes I am a robot. It makes decision make so much easier.

Spend less time posting on this forum then and more time practicing… then spend EVEN MORE time learning about the game engine/mechanics. Play matches online and understand that it’s 97% likely that you shouldn’t do anything your opp did…lol If you really want to know what will make you good (and therefore totally unlike almost everyone you ever played)

->Forget you even have a reversal move of any kind til you’ve played for a decent amount of time… …this will make you learn your real anti-air options and stick with them. This will take away all fear causing you to mash stupid shit… this will make you godlike…

->Don’t jump in ANY situation you can avoid it. (this doesn’t apply to all the roster… but most). You jumping around is how you lose.

->This goes with the previous… but… walk the shit fwd. Do NOT jump fwd unless u REALLY predicted (aka not hoped and went for it) your opp throwing something out.

->Forget that it’s possible to tick throw. Just quit it. Likely you play online… and face people who hold a view that when near someone you mash jab… mash throw… tick throw… or reversal. All these options being used and abused tells anyone decent you’re playing with that they shouldn’t bother. Do not copy this behavoir. Once your opp is afraid of your real options… then u can tick throw sometimes…

->Link combos. Seriously. Jump in kick, st.mp xx special move is pretty ass for almost everyone. Lrn to get near someone… avoid their footsies… land a jab or two and notice how to confirm that these hit so you can safely continue the combo.

Shit that stuff is so basic that anyone playing for any amount of time should get it… but apparently not 97% of all people I play online. They are pathetic. If you follow the above (at least until you are actually good enough to freestyle and gauge risk vs reward on the fly) u will instantly be better than 97% of the people you face online. After that the only people you should lose to are either good players… or someone spamming some cheap tac that you simply don’t know how to get around yet. The latter u can fix with some reading online… for the former… well that’s a privilege.

yeah.that’s right.


That’s awesome man I just started getting into street fighter too best of luck

Here lies the answers you seek:


Just getting philosophical for a sec. How does one become great?

You need to live like someone who is great.

Translation - you need to be dedicated. You need to make it a priority. And you need to put in years. And then it will all happen for you. But if anyone says it’ll be easy, they’re pulling your leg. You need to put the time in.