I want to be healthy, but I like my body - what to do?


Hello. I’m a 20 year old dude. I weigh nearly 260, and have weighed that (give or take 5 pounds) for the past 3 or 4 years (my doctor says “at least you’re consistent”). I’m 6’0 exactly. Those are my physical parameters, the only ones I really think need to be given (I also have brown eyes, fyi :P).

So anyway, I kinda like living. It’s cool, and, far as I can tell, better than the alternative. So, I’d like to do it for as long as I can. However, my weight (and high cholesterol) leave me less likely to live as long as some other people. And from here, the title says the rest: I like the way I look, and would rather not change it. Is there someway I can look about the same as I do now (being able to drum my stomach like an instrument when I’m bored), but healthier? Muscles freak me out; if possible, I would like to have a nice, smooth layer of fat covering all protruding muscle bulges.

Anyone know how to tackle this? Yes, I’m being completely serious.


So you aiming for a E. Honda type look right?


I’m fat too, and I’m slowly taking steps to become a healthier person.
Consult your doctor again for some type of plan tailored for you.
You do NOT want to hit the ground running ‘cause that’ll end doing more negative than positive
Go out and walk/power walk/run your local park, city, block what have you. It’s a free gym. Lift logs as weights or somethin’.
Or hit up garage sales/flea markets for cheap gym equipment.
Slowly incorporate fruits vegetables all that good stuff into your diet.
Lay off the junk food and store bought juices.
Drink plenty of water. Keep a case in your trunk of your car just in case.


^I was thinking of the same character when I read his post. E.Honda

Muscular Ab Fat!


But do you like long walks on the beach

cuz they’d probably help get ya healthy


Ummm no, being overweight has various fundamental stresses on the human body and health disadvantages. Show me someone who is obese now but but appears virtually fine with no health issues, and i’ll show you a sad diabetic with high blood pressure in 5 years or so. Only a matter of time before it catches up with ya.

Theres no way to be a healthy fatass. Losing it is pretty easy though, but requires time, dedication and sacrifice.




You can take 20kg off and still be chubbyesque while having a significantly healthier body.

Semi-Related Note: I love you bro.


Start getting healthier now…or prepare to suffer when you hit your 30’s.


To many negatives attached to being fat for it to ever be considered healthy. Stuff like high blood pressure, diabetes, hell it’s even bad for your joints.


Eh swimming is nice but shouldn’t be a primary exercise. We’re land based creatures, not fish. Weight bearing exercise is most preferable.

Also any argument for swimming can be countered. Since again we’re land based creatures, so there are an awful lot of muscles we have just for stabilizing ourselves and manipulating our weight when moving around, walking upright, blah, blah, etc. Muscles that outnumber what is utilized in swimming, and go virtually unused in such an environment.

Plenty of old ladies out there can swim like fish for hours, but ask them to walk down the street and check the mail and they’re ready to keel over from back pain. That should be sign enough.

Yup once past the age of 25’ish the free ride is over. The human body becomes like a house that’s constantly falling down, termites eating at the foundation, paint chipping, etc. Requires regular maintenance to keep it standing well and looking good.


Stop making excuses. Being fat sucks. Being skinny sucks.

Muscular and vascular is the only true form of health. Way too many people shun it, simply because they don’t want to make the effort to change themselves over the course of years. But hey, everybody gotta start somewhere.

And don’t try to refute me. You made this thread because YOU KNOW somewhere in your conscience that the current state of your body is a mess physiologically and aesthetically.

I offer you this thread and the famous motivational speech by Eric Thomas:



Nah swimming is good. Land based creatures? Pfft it’s summer :rofl:
I’m not gonna stay on land. Land is hot and I don’t wanna cook my feet nigga. Jump in that water.
Anyways swimming can help you with breathing. I am an asthmatic and swimming helped me tremendously as a kid.
If you’re a big dude then you’re guaranteed some form of breathing issues.
Don’t believe it?
Record yourself doing everyday things and listen to yourself gasp for fucking air.


Its not always summer, we’re not always near water, and we’re not all asthmatic.

And probably other exercises that would help you with that too, not just swimming.


What are you talking about, man? I’m not trying to be 300 pounds and eating twinkies and fucking cheese cake all day and call myself healthy. I have acknowledged that it is not healthy the way I am. However, I like the look of my body (I’m not trying to… whatever you think I’m doing). I’m trying to be healthy without changing the look of myself as much as health nuts would suggest. Their motto most of the time is “be healthy, look great!” Well, I already look great, so now I need the healthy. I can lose weight, but I still want to be a rock star drummer in the bathroom mirror.

I’m not trying to make it healthy, I’m trying to be as healthy as I can while still not looking all… skinny.

235, huh? Alright, I’ll try for that.

Semi-related response: thank you.


I’m just saying


Too bad. Being overweight always puts one at risk. Can’t be a fatty and enjoy good health at the same time.

Even if you’re one of those lucky types that can be obese and still not get diabetes, high blood pressure,or some other problem. Things are are still going to be crappy and only get worse as you’re older.


And I’m saying it not possible to be healthy much while still being over weight. It goes against how our body is built. It’s bad for you in so many ways that no matter what you will be running high rates of health risk by continuing to be large.


The human design is only rated to handle so much. The heart for example…for every extra pound of fat, thats like another mile it has to go to pump blood through.

Being overweight naturally places a lot of stress on the heart that will have consequences over time.


I gotta be completely honest with you. If you’re really thinking “I like the way I currently look”, you will most likely not make any substantial changes towards becoming healthy. That’s like saying “I want to make more money, but I want to remain in my current income bracket”. It doesn’t make any sense, unless you’re okay with the idea of settling for mediocrity in life.

When I decided to change myself from being a unhealthy piece of shit couple of years back (I was about 209 lbs at 5’9" with a lot of fat), the first thing I had to do was literally hate who I was. ‘Liking’ yourself is just a defensive mechanism. You need to be willing to go deeper to a dark place of your inner conscience and hate yourself for everything which your body represents. But that doesn’t mean it will be a negative experience at all. You can use that darkness within you as catalyst to continue driving yourself towards your goal.


This is the truth. Just the stress of being over weight and the strain it puts on your frame is bad for you. Bad for your joints, bad for your back, bad for your knees. Then heres the blood related issues, the organ related issues. Being fat=being un-healthy. It’s that simple. This is coming from a guy who weighs 236, down from 250. It takes work and better eating but shits worth it.