I want to be part Asian- Lil Kim

I’m Cabalasian now:

Werr, doo yoo rike my new rook?

(Of course the ‘before’ isnt actually quite ‘before’)

more like lil kim chi.

Lil Kim hasn’t been relevant in almost a decade now.

I want to vomit.

Didn’t she have her boob out that one time?

is that a chupacabra on her neck??

EL chupacabra, amigo

  1. she is black (i think)
  2. she is rich and stupid
  3. she is a rapper/celeb

do the math

except to the IRS, who she owes millions to. Got damn, dat Wesley Snipes tax haven (aka not paying taxes) don’t work.

thanks now I am hungry

lil kim sounds like an asian name anyways

Lil’ Kim living the dream of half of the posters on SRK.

to be like me?

Please stop ladies…

Lil Kim should’ve stopped in like 00,03 with the plastic surgery.She’s too far gone now!

I was going to say Lil Kim Jong ILL